• Where is hell?

    Hell, Hell, Hell of Fire, Hell ... This terrible place has many names. The priests frighten us that after death we will get there if we sin. To believe in the existence of hell or not is a personal matter of each person. If he really exists, then where? Let's look at where hell is in terms of different religions and religious beliefs.

    • Ancient mythology: the word Hell itself comes from the Greek language (“adhes” - invisible). This word the ancient Greeks called the invisible kingdom of the dead, in which the dark god Hades reigned. This kingdom, according to the Greeks, was under the ground. Many modern religions have adopted this idea - most religions believe that hell is in the depths of the earth, and heaven, on the contrary, is in heaven (the heavenly and underground realms)
    • Islam - in the Quran it is not exactly indicated where Hell is. His location is known only to Allah. However, according to some hints, you can guess that hell is in the depths of the earth, and its dimensions are enormous.
    • Buddhism - representatives of this religious movement believe that Hell is located under the continent of Jambudwipa. Buddhists believed that the form of Hell is a truncated pyramid consisting of 8 layers. In the center, these layers are fiery hot, and on the sides - ice.Therefore, 8 hot and 8 cold Hells are formed, in which sinners suffer.
    • Judaism - in the Torah, we also do not find an exact indication of the location of Hell. However, from Judaism went one of the names of Hell - the fire of hell. The Jews called Hell sheol or hell. Gehenna was called the valley near Jerusalem, where the garbage was brought and burned. From here and "fiery". Sinners in Hell were also burning. But, as the rabbis say, the worst suffering in Hell is not the suffering of the body. This is the realization of the full gravity of their sins and the impossibility of correcting them.
    • Christianity - Christians believe that Hell is in the bowels of the earth. They add that Hell and Heaven are located in a supernatural space that will be available to man only after death. In Christianity, Hell is a place where devils and devils incessantly torture sinful souls. Punishment depends on the severity of sinful acts committed by a person during his lifetime. In addition to physical suffering, sinners suffer morally as well, since all their sins appeared in true, divine light. The souls that have entered Hell will be tormented there until the Day of Judgment, when their fate will be finally decided.
    • Kabbalah - the esoteric current of Kabbalah, to the question where Hell is, is answered in the soul of man. Hell is the realization of how great the difference is between man and God, the Highest power of good. Man himself determines his punishment - the more he differs from God, the more terrible his punishment. He realizes his insignificance, sinfulness, baseness. Shame and remorse are so strong that it cannot be worse than this.

    Not spared the theme of Hell and fiction. The most famous, of course, is Dante's Hell. Where is hell Dante? The writer has located the entrance to the underground kingdom somewhere in the territory of modern Italy. He did not indicate a more accurate place. The protagonist of the Divine Comedy to hell is accompanied by the poet Virgil, sent by the beloved Dante Beatrice. Dante's hell is in the shape of a huge funnel that abuts the center of the earth with a sharp angle. This funnel consists of nine parts - 9 circles of Hell. The lower the circle is, the harder are the sins, from which the soul fell. Each circle of hell has its own name. In the ninth circle, the lowest, are the most important villains and traitors: for example, Judas, Brutus.They are devoured by Lucifer himself, a fallen angel who rebelled against God. Lucifer is half frozen in the icy lake Katsit.

    Currently, the theme of Hell remains popular - it is used in modern literature and computer games.

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