• Where in the Moscow clubs are allowed with their alcohol?

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    Answered 15 December 2014 17:39
    Usually you can bring your own drink only at banquets, yes it’s by prior agreement ... Clubs, restaurants and bars do not like it wildly. There are no clubs with their own alcohol (if there is, it is only for the period when they did not have time to renew the license for the sale of alcohol - and this is not for long). Bars are the same and there are restaurants - mostly Chinese or Korean - there you can. In such establishments, for example, in the Ugli bar on Baumanskaya, you can bring a drink, but only if you have a check (a very common rule in bars) ... the bar.
    Answered 15 December 2014 18:01
    Many clubs are allowed with their alko only when you order a banquet, but on the condition that you also order alcohol from them.

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