• Where can I buy comfortable and beautiful things for the home?

    Houseware not only performs its direct functions, but creates comfort. You always want to choose for the house something useful and necessary, but at the same time beautiful and pleasant. "Empire dishes" - offers just such products. The company is one of the largest suppliers of dishes, interior items, souvenirs and other products for the home.

    What can be purchased here?

    Kitchen items

    Under the conditions of modern ecology, not everyone can boast that his home has enough clean water for drinking and cooking. Therefore, a good filter jug for water can be useful to many. In a special section you will find several models to choose from.

    Various kitchen utensils are an indispensable helper for all hostesses who like to experiment with new dishes. Rolling pins and cutting boards, stands, colander, funnels, measuring glasses, stencils, decorators - there are many necessary trivia.

    In a separate section collected kitchen utensils. There are kitchen items separately and in sets, sets of knives, mortars, graters, hatchets and hammers, juicers, dispensers and jaw stands.

    Items for storing food and dishes. For food in this category, you will find food containers and cans, bottles for liquids (oil, milk, sauce, vinegar), breadbaskets. For dishes there are stands for mugs and general dryers. There is also a small subsection for useful things that are so often lacking: traffic jams, covers, clips for bags.

    Gifts and souvenirs

    A house is not only functional things that can be used, it is also a certain atmosphere, design and spirit, which is given to it by decorative objects, pleasant trifles, figurines and figurines. In the section of gifts and souvenirs there are many beautiful things with which you can decorate your home or choose something as a gift to a loved one.

    Here you can find various piggy banks, key rings, magnets, amulets, cups and medals, board games and puzzles, writing sets, figurines, ashtrays, hookahs and lighters. In separate subcategories collected gifts for men and for women.

    Home interior

    If you want to update the interior of your house, add a little color, beautiful and unusual things to it, or create a new style, you will need the items from this section. Here you can find many interesting items for different tastes. You can decorate the kitchen with a couple of decorative plates or bottles, place an old chest or a telephone in the living room, put a pretty photo frame with a picture of a loved one in the bedroom or hang a panel / picture on the wall. Lamps will help to create a cozy atmosphere with the help of soft light, like candles, and various flavors and sachets will fill your home with pleasant smells.


    A wide range of products where you can find dishes for the main use, as well as for various situations and the preparation of certain types of dishes. So, here you can purchase a universal griddle or a whole set of them, and if your signature dish is delicious pancakes, it may be more convenient for you to use a special pancake pan. The range includes a variety of containers for cooking, steaming, baking and frying.For individual products there are appropriate containers: man-cookers, cookers, baking molds, fondue sets. A good thermos or thermomug is useful for nature trips or for traveling - these products are presented in the appropriate subsection.

    Dishes and serving

    Tableware sets, mugs, dishes for coffee, tea and various beverages, serving items - all that is needed for serving a beautiful festive and ordinary table. Here you can collect a set of dishes for permanent daily use or buy ready-made for special occasions. You can buy a set or dishes separately.


    Here are collected various home cooking equipment and not only: kettles, multicookers, toasters, blenders, coffee makers, waffle irons, steamers, bread makers, Turks, scales, etc.

    In order to equip your home with coziness, comfort and stylishly, a lot of things are not needed. Determine what you need for permanent use, as well as the decor that would create a pleasant environment for you, and get what you need.

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