• When can you walk with a newborn?

    Upon arrival from the hospital, young parents can not wait to plunge into new worries and troubles. I would like to equip the baby in a new place, to really bathe him and even take a walk with him. Since much of this happens for the first time, some recommendations will be useful to both mom and dad. Discuss when you can walk with a newborn, taking into account the time of year and weather conditions.

    Walking with a newborn: recommendations

    These tips are relevant to any time of year. They are recommended by the Association of Pediatricians of Russia.

    • Going for a walk with a newborn can be subject to his well-being. If the baby is unwell, then changing the environment can have a negative impact on him. In all other cases, you can walk from the second week of birth.
    • You should not walk with a newborn in crowded places. In the first days after being discharged from the maternity hospital, choose quiet secluded places that will allow the mother to feel comfortable too.
    • The first walks in the warm season do not exceed 15–20 minutes in length, this time is reduced in winter and autumn, and you can walk 5-10 minutes at a time, gradually increasing the time. So, if you add 5-10 minutes daily, by the end of the first week of walking their duration will be close to one hour. The article covers this topic in more detail. How long can you walk with a newborn?
    • It is important to take into account the weather conditions that are typical for each season of the year and to follow tips on walking in the summer, winter, spring and autumn. We also offer to read material from the article How to walk with a child.

    First walks in summer

    Going on the first walk with a newborn in the summer, pay attention to such factors:

    • The temperature should not exceed 25-27 ° С. When reading a mercury column above this mark, one should choose morning or evening hours for walking. Avoid exposure to the sun to avoid heat stroke.
    • The baby needs to be properly dressed. It can not be muffled, while leaving the body parts open, too, can not. It is necessary to use thin diapers and a thin blanket.The stroller should be protected from direct sunlight.

    First walks in winter

    Winter walks with a newborn should take place in ideal weather conditions. Moderate frost and precipitation in the form of snow are allowed, but at –15 ° C it is no longer recommended to remain outside (newborns have not yet developed a body heat regulation system).

    First walks in spring and autumn

    In the autumn, when the warm days are not over yet, and in the spring, when the sun is already beginning to warm, I really want to go for a walk with a newborn. These seasons are rich in wind and precipitation, which can become an obstacle for walks. Therefore, if a cold wind blows, or it rains, it is better to postpone the stay in the fresh air until the onset of more favorable weather.

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