• When to walk with a newborn?

    Everyone knows about the benefits of walking in the fresh air, but when walking with a newborn? For young parents, this question is alarming and disturbing, especially if the baby was born during the cold season. They are afraid that he will freeze, catch a cold and get sick.

    To say in general, how much walking with a newborn is difficult enough. It all depends on how the child feels, what time of year and what kind of weather outside.

    Walk in the summer

    It is important to know when it is possible to walk with a newborn in the summer, because, despite the warm weather, you should not walk with a newborn immediately after discharge from the maternity hospital due to the immaturity of the child's heat exchange and the possibility of receiving heat stroke due to overheating of the body. Therefore, walks in the summer should be taken seriously.

    If your baby is healthy and the pediatrician recommends walks to you, then you can walk with him, observing the following rules:

    1. Walk start from 7-10 days from the moment of birth.
    2. Do not wrap the baby, it may overheat.
    3. Avoid direct sunlight on the delicate skin of newborns.
    4. If it is hot outside, then walks should be done in the morning and evening hours.
    5. If the baby is bottle-fed, take a bottle of water with you.
    6. The walk should start from 20 minutes, each day increasing the time spent on the air for 10 minutes. Thus, in the summer you can walk for two hours in a row.
    7. However, the time of walking should be compared with the schedule of feeding the child.

    Do not take in the summer with a divorced meal, as it can sour. It is better to take a dry mixture in a bottle and separately water in a thermos. Nursing mothers need to take care of comfortable clothes for the possibility of feeding the baby.

    Walk in the fall

    1. You can start walking with 7-8 days after discharge with good health of the child.
    2. You can walk in good, dry, windless weather.
    3. Pay attention to the clothes of the child. Wear clothes made from natural fabrics under a jumpsuit or envelope.
    4. Start walking with 20 minutes, gradually bringing the stay on the air up to one and a half hours.

    Walk in winter

    1. When to start walking with a newborn in the winter? We do it on the 14th day after discharge, if there are no other recommendations of the pediatrician. If it's about 5 degrees outside, then we walk for 15 minutes, daily increasing the time by 10 minutes, and bring it up to 1 hour. If the temperature is up to 15 degrees, then the first walk is 10 minutes.Then gradually increase the time to half an hour. When on the street below 15 degrees, it is better to stay home and not walk.
    2. Choose warm clothes for the baby, but make sure that he does not sweat.
    3. Do not walk in strong wind, rain or snow.

    Dumb about the stroller

    Pay attention to the stroller. It should be comfortable for the child, with a flat bottom, on large wheels with shock absorbers, so that your child does not feel road irregularities. Be sure to buy a mattress in the stroller, it must be from natural materials so that the back of the child does not sweat. Do not buy a newborn stroller, even if it leans back. These strollers are not suitable for very young children.

    Daily walks strengthen the children's body, so do not be lazy to walk with your child, choosing quiet, peaceful places with fresh air for walking: parks, forests, quiet green courtyards. During the walk, do not sit on the bench, the child falls asleep more easily during movement. Yes, and the mother herself is useful movement to quickly get in shape after childbirth.

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