• When should I quit and how to do it correctly?

    When to quit and how to do itDo you hate your job? Every day you go to the office with disgust, and returning home with a sullen mood? For your salary, you can not afford to buy a new coat or mobile phone? So you should learn how to write a letter on dismissal. After all, work should bring pleasure, or at least a lot of money. We will tell you about the main reasons to wave the boss by hand and how to properly quit your job of your own free will.

    When do you need to quit?

    It often seems to people that being fired is a step backwards, a risk or an action that has a bad effect on reputation. In fact, for many employers, a job entry for a long stay in one position is a bad signal. After all, it indicates that you were in a professional stagnation. Remember that work is a big part of your life. You need to work not only to receive cash compensation,but also for pleasure, self-realization, the feeling that you are benefiting the company, society, the state.

    • Routine. Your position has ceased to amaze you. If earlier you discovered something new every day, now you are performing your functions as a robot. This indicates that you have no career growth. Life should be colorful, because the gray colors are the colors of degradation. Ask for an increase in your responsibilities and salary increases. Did not work? Then think about the new company.
    • Lack of career growth. Sometimes the company is so small that you have nowhere to grow. In this case, you look like a plant in a pot too close. You have potential, desire, energy. You want to do something, create, develop a company, implement ideas. But your position provides only a shift of papers. The head is in his prime and is not going on maternity leave or to another position. Perhaps in this case the plant should be transplanted into a large pot, and it will blossom?

    When should I quit and how to do it correctly?

    • Boring job. At work, you sit all day on social networks and even managed to learn how to properly quit your job legally.Of course, you get paid for it. But do you get experience? Do you realize your talent?
    • Bad team. Employees can be your best friends. And they can daily rub each other’s bones, causing you to have a gag reflex. The female den looks like a serpentine den. Why listen to gossip, if you can find a vacancy in a group of cute unmarried men?
    • Low salary. If you refuse everything in yourself, while being a good specialist, your boss does not appreciate you. Perhaps in another company you will be paid more for the same job.


    How to write a letter of resignation?

    In order to quit the law, you do not have to pathetically slam the door, and write a statement two weeks before the expected date of departure. You need to do this in writing using the sample below. You can not type the document on the computer, it is important to write it by hand.
    If you have worked at the company for more than a year, you are on vacation. If you decide to quit before you leave, you have two options. The first is to rest in due time. The last day of the holiday will be the day of your dismissal.The second option is to receive monetary compensation for it.
    When to quit and how to do it
    When to quit and how to do it

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