• What to wear black?

    Black color is ambiguous. It is both mournful and festive, the color of luxury, which allows to hide flaws and emphasize dignity, calm and defiant. Some simply adore black clothes, while others, on the contrary, try to avoid this shade in their wardrobe, but are not indifferent to black.

    A bit of black

    Clothing in black is in the wardrobe for each person. After all, this color is so convenient to combine with all other shades. A little black dress, black pants, black office skirt is a classic.

    But not everything is as simple as it seems. No matter how elegant, deep, imposing it is black, if you dress only in black, they will begin to think of you that you are either in mourning, or in deep depression, or simply do not know how to dress. Therefore, to look stunning in black clothes, you just need to know which colors are best in harmony with black. So what to wear black?

    The strongest combinations in the following colors.

    Black and white

    These two neutral colors, they are best suited to each other.Black with white has long been considered a classic.

    A classic example of a dress in black and white is the black bottom and white top. So most often they dress for offices, banks, schools, etc. But these colors also look great in other outfits: black dresses in white peas and a goose foot ornament have also become classic for a long time.

    Black and red

    Also a classic combination that makes a woman sexy. This combination of colors in clothes emphasizes the high cost, uniqueness and elitism of your image.

    For a black suit or dress, you can pick up accessories in red: shoes, bag, belt, jewelry, gloves, you can wear a raincoat or coat in red. In this outfit you will never go unnoticed.

    Black and pink

    This combination is typical for modern emo youth culture. It is great for young girls. The black color emphasizes the tenderness and fragility of pink, making the image sharper and deeper.

    You can wear a soft pink blouse with black pants or jeans. You can pick up black accessories to the pink dress.

    Black with gold or silver

    Black also goes well with other colors: beige, green, blue. What else to wear black with? The combination of black with gold or silver looks impressive. The colors of precious metals black color perfectly emphasizes, attracts attention to them. Therefore, if you put on a black dress or blouse, jewelry made of gold or silver will not go unnoticed.

    You can also wear silver or gold shoes and take the same clutch. But you should not overdo it with the glitter of metals, remember that everything is good in moderation.

    When wearing black

    It is important not only what to wear black, but also when. Black is the color of the autumn-winter season and ceremonial appearance. You should not wear black on a bright summer day or on a gentle spring morning. You will look ridiculous in it.

    With all its versatility, the black color is not all. He, of course, slims, but at the same time emphasizes all the existing shortcomings of your figure. So if your legs are not too straight, you should not wear black tights, and if your figure is far from ideal, then a black knit dress is simply contraindicated to you.

    By the way, black color contrasts with a light skin tone and emphasizes age, so light-skinned should not wear black clothes close to the face (top of the attire).You can soften the image by adding a light light scarf ..

    Of course, black is universal, but you should not think that by wearing only black clothes, you are unlikely to become a cheerful person with good taste. It is important to know what to wear black with and when it is best done. Skillfully combining different colors in clothes and knowing what and when to wear, you will always look great.

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