• What to wear a bolero?

    Marina Nazarenko
    Marina Nazarenko
    March 27, 2013
    What to wear a bolero?

    In the women's wardrobe should always be such things that will be able to dilute any outfits. Bolero - women's clothing, slightly shortened jacket. Today, designers have invented many models of various fabrics, with and without clasps, with long, short, medium sleeves. Any outfit can successfully complement the bolero. What to wear this fashion sweater, we will tell you now.

    The combination of bolero with different clothes

    The main thing is that all the things that you put on yourself look harmoniously. There are rules, having mastered that, you will always look like what the situation requires. Remember:

    • When you put on a bolero with shorts, choose shoes with low speed and the top of a simple cut of plain fabric.
    • With stylish trousers and high-heeled shoes, the bolero looks good in the form of a cropped jacket.
    • With a dress-case almost all types of bolero look.
    • If you choose a romantic type bolero and add jewelry, you get a great set for dinner in a restaurant.

    What to wear bolero fur

    A woman in a fur bolero looks elegant and elegant. It is suitable for any celebration - for a wedding dress, evening, etc. A great combination is obtained if you wear a fur bolero and skinny jeans, a monochrome blouse and high-heeled shoes. Besides the fact that the fur clothes are very beautiful, they are also warm, so the fur bolero is perfect for cold weather, and almost all brides who marry in late autumn or winter prefer it.

    What to wear with a black bolero, knit bolero

    The black bolero can be worn with everything. It looks with any colors and with any style of clothing. Knitted bolero is more suitable for everyday wear. Looks good with knit T-shirts, tops or T-shirts, knitted dress. It is easy to choose with what to wear a bolero, photos will help as well as possible

    What to wear knitted bolero

    Knitted bolero creates a feminine and gentle, a little romantic image. Suitable for any dress and even a boring office dress can turn it into a feminine outfit for a romantic meeting. Here are some good options:

    • Knitted bolero and skinny jeans, cotton top and high-heeled shoes.
    • Leggings, turtleneck, knit bolero, shoes with high heels or platform.
    • Summer flowing dress, bolero, sandals or ballet flats.
    • Evening, knitted, openwork (guipure) bolero, a stylish narrow evening dress.

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