• What to tell about yourself?

    "They meet on clothes, and escort - on the mind." To present yourself in a society as a person who is not deprived of intelligence, you need to know what to tell about yourself and what it is better to keep silent if there is such an opportunity. Trying to create about yourself the best impression of others, it is necessary to clearly understand their best qualities of character and those of its features that you should not show off. What can you tell about yourself when you first meet new neighbors, a new employer, new colleagues, a new company and, of course, a new partner?

    What to tell about yourself new neighbors

    It’s best not to tell your new neighbors that you are working in a prosecutor’s office, a city administration or a law office — you’ll get “help” and “solve the problem”. But the fact that you like to receive guests will be better warned in advance, in order to avoid unpleasant situations in front of your guests. And, of course, guests must, if not say goodbye, at 11 pm, then at least turn off the karaoke. And by the way, neighbors can learn from you about your predilection for karaoke in advance, before calling an ambulance for the first time along with a police outfit.

    What to tell about yourself to the employer

    Passing the interview, what to tell about yourself will help you decide what position you are applying for. If you are a middle manager, it is best not to lie with three boxes about your "successes in the conquest of space." Tell as much about yourself as your employer wants to know about you as a future employee. It is not necessary to invent anything, and even more so to “blow a turkey”, describing his achievements at the previous work. In this company, where you came to get a job, the very "achievements" can be qualified as failures - each employer has his own criteria for the selection of personnel.

    And in general, at the interview there is a “crib” - the applicant's application form, which is given to fill in every candidate for a position in every self-respecting company. The survey questions will tell you what to tell the employer about yourself - no more, but no less.

    What to tell colleagues about yourself

    The new labor collective is the measure of your compliance with the position held. They will grind all your bones, they will appreciate your every hair, not to mention your tastes in clothes and addiction to coffee with cream,and also “they will check your bed” - is it not that respected Dmitry Ivanovich rests in it after a hard day’s work, if he took you to work without experience as a master of machine milking and without knowing the New Zealand tribal language? All this is strange ... What can you tell your new colleagues about yourself, you have to decide for yourself based on the degree of benevolence in relation to you. But in any case - do not need intimate details! Nothing from personal life, except “married and happy in marriage.” Otherwise, you will not get rid of the harassment in relations with the higher authorities and the vile proclivities from the downstream "office plankton." Joke, of course. But in every joke there is a grain of truth. Do not talk about your personal life, do not spread about the intimate side of your relationship with your husband or chosen one - this is fraught with consequences. They will surely turn everything upside down, turned it upside down, and then another one will stick to you: “I told it myself!”

    Do not scold former work

    And in the new team can not talk bad about the old. And no negative feedback about managers from your previous job! All these statements, such as “This old goat spread its dirty hooves!” Or “They did not pay their wages at all!”, Will not give you the slightest value as an employee.If you have to answer the question: “Why did you quit your previous job?”, Answer something like this: “The office was very far from my home. We had to get back and forth for 2.5 hours with 3 transfers ”or“ The company's office moved very far from my house. I don’t want to spend 2.5 hours daily on the way back and forth with 3 transfers. ” And that's it!

    What to tell about yourself in the company

    In a new company, it is possible and necessary to talk about yourself fairly frankly and sincerely if you are trying to stay in this small community of people. After all, how are companies formed? By interest! On interests in life and in art, on an interesting and general hobby and on interesting ideas that have united different people in fact. The company assumes friendship and common interests, views on life, worldviews of people who seek to be useful to each other. Lying about yourself in a new company is, at least, stupid and short-sighted. If you, of course, in this company not with vested interest. But still, there are restrictions in the frankness of even the closest friends. Their motto is simple: “Do not go into the soul when I do not want it!” So,Do not go too far and do not reach anyone with your "sincerity", putting others in an awkward position.

    What to tell about the guy

    Well, the most important thing is what to tell the guy you met a couple of minutes ago about yourself? The answer is unequivocal - NO-THAT-GO !!! Men are hunters, they are interested in a woman who is “hard to catch.” Hundreds of thousands of times are said by classics and not only: there must be some kind of mystery in every woman! You do not need to bring down all your secrets on the guy from the moment you became aware of yourself in a children's pot at the age of 4! Do not tell a guy about yourself - let every day you will be “new” and “unknown” for him. Each new piece of information about you should be “deserved” by it, and better - “conquered”.

    No, of course, it is not necessary to "encrypt" to the level of an undercover agent. He asked - you answered. He inquired in passing - you “didn’t tell.” He hinted superficially - you just silenced the answer. Nothing hard! The question is - why? Never to be a “read book” for him. You ask: “What then to talk about with a guy?” and tastes in movies or music.In general, about everything in the world! Except myself. ”

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