• What to smear on a sandwich: 8 options

    1. Grind in a blender half a can of black olives, mix with 100 g of cottage cheese, finely chopped green onions and basil. Salt and spread on rye bread.

    2. Mash with canned sardine in oil. Add the grated boiled carrots and the fried onions. Ideal for white bread.

    3. Grind a handful of pickled mushrooms and celery stalk in a blender. Grate there 2 boiled eggs, season with mayonnaise. Smear on the black bread.


    4. Finely grate 200 g of any hard cheese, fill 1 tbsp. l mustard, a pinch of hot red pepper, mix with 100 g of butter. This is a great blend for whole grain breads.

    5. Mash a jar of cod liver with a fork, grate 2 boiled eggs and chop a bunch of green onions. Fill 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice and 1 tbsp. l. mayonnaise, add black pepper to taste.

    6. Grind the fillet of one salted herring, add half of the processed cheese and one grated boiled egg. Fill 1 tbsp. l. butter and green onions. Spread on rye bread.

    7Finely grate 1 baked beets, add one “Druzhba” processed cheese, black pepper and chopped green onions. Perfect with white bread.

    8. Carefully grind 250 g of cheese, chop one medium onion, fill 2 tbsp. l. sour cream. Smear on the black bread.

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