• What to sleep at night

    Clothes for sleep should not hamper movement, squeeze the body with an elastic band, be small in size. In it you should feel free and comfortable, such clothes are calculated on a certain temperature in the apartment, made of natural materials, well absorb moisture and allow air to pass. Among the materials for such clothing, cotton fabrics are especially popular: chintz, calico, flannel or flax.
    Pajamas are traditional sleepwear. Pajamas are suitable for men, women and children of all ages, it is comfortable to wear, it can be sewn from different materials - thick or light for winter and summer. Pajamas are especially convenient, of course, during the cold season. It protects the body well, gives warmth, does not twist in a dream and does not stray.
    A kind of pajamas are light T-shirts and shorts or panties. Girls prefer to wear such clothes, it is more comfortable for them in the warm season than bulky pajamas. And, besides, it helps the girl to solve the eternal question: how to look as attractive to a young man as a day,but do not forget about comfort? Pleasant for the body, stitched from comfortable fabrics, open and often even candid kits for sleeping from T-shirts and shorts help to solve this problem.
    Nightgowns have long been considered sleepwear designed for both sexes. They were comfortable for both men and women. Now nightgown is considered to be women's nightwear, although sometimes you can find male variants. The nightgown is comfortable because it does not rub the body, but it protects it well from the cold. They are sewn from different fabrics, so they can be designed for both winter and summer. Peignoirs, loved by women, can serve as a replacement for a nightgown, when a lady wants to look especially attractive for her boyfriend.
    You can not bother to search for a suitable nightwear and sleep in underwear or even in shorts. Men often do this, for girls this option is also suitable. Only it should be remembered that the close bra must be removed at night. If you do not want to stay overnight in shorts, it is better to wear a tank top, T-shirt or sports top. All these things are able to rest the body without squeezing it, but it is still better to abandon synthetic fabrics in sleepwear.
    And finally, you can sleep and completely naked.This is the most natural condition for the body, and under the blanket it will not freeze even in the cold season. Some people cannot wear any clothes at night, and for others it is uncomfortable to feel without them. In any case, you should choose exactly the clothes in which you can really sleep well.

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