• What to see and do in Guangzhou?

    If you want to learn China from the new side and feel its amazing flavor, then go to Guangzhou. And in order to make the journey possible and memorable, prepare for it thoroughly and in advance.

    What kind of place is it?

    Guangzhou is a major sub-provincial Chinese city, the capital of Guangdong Province. It is very important for the country and is considered the educational, economic, transport, cultural and political center of the southern part of the state. It is the 3rd largest city, with a population of more than ten million people. The area is slightly more than 7.4 thousand square kilometers on land and about 740 at sea.

    Guangzhou is located in the southern part of the continent just north of the Zhujiang River near the South China Sea. The structure includes two urban counties and ten districts. The territory is crossed by the Zhujiang River, into which the Xijiang, Dongjiang and Beijiang Rivers flow.

    Guangzhou is the largest center of China, in which business is particularly well developed.There are two so-called “development zones”: free and Guangzhou-Nansha. The latter is occupied by various industrial enterprises, and the first is dominated by numerous customs and trade organizations.

    The city is not only national, but also the world center of light industry: it manufactures products from natural fabrics and artificial fibers, parts for food and textile production, household appliances, dishes, sugar, paper, sports equipment and much more.

    An interesting fact: since there is almost always work in the city, which is due to advanced production, many immigrants come to it. And the wage is quite decent, and the possibilities are very wide.

    How to get?

    You can get to Guangzhou by plane, and international airlines make regular direct flights. But in some cases, have to make a transplant. The total duration of the journey may be about twenty hours.

    Baiyun International Airport is located twenty-eight kilometers from the city itself, and can be reached by metro or one of the regular buses.In either case, the road will take about one hour. From other Chinese cities you can get to Guangzhou by taking a high-speed train. And from some regions it is possible to get there by bus or even a ferry.

    Interesting fact: if you enter the country through Hong Kong, and leave it through Shanghai or Beijing (or vice versa), then you will have to get a Chinese and separately Hong Kong visa, which gives you the right to a single entry. And therefore, in order to visit Guangzhou and the return way, it will be necessary to issue a Hong Kong double visa separately.

    Climatic conditions

    The city is located in the subtropical climate zone, so there is almost always warm and quite humid here. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in the spring, in summer it decreases, but remains significant. The best time to travel to Guangzhou is autumn or winter. In these seasons there is not hot and rather dry. The average January temperature ranges between 15-17 degrees, in the fall and spring here is 20-25 degrees, and in the summer - about 30-32.

    How to get around the city and where to stay?

    Accommodation options in Guangzhou mass.If you can afford significant spending and dream of a comfortable rest, then choose one of the five or four star hotels. You can also find more simple and offering rooms at affordable prices, three-star hotels, guest houses and hostels.

    As for the urban transport network, it is well developed and includes metro and buses, which can be accessed almost anywhere in the city. A taxi ride can also be quite inexpensive if the distance is insignificant. But renting a car is not an easy thing, since the driver's license of an international model does not work on the territory.

    Entertainment options

    What to do on vacation in Guangzhou? There are a lot of entertainment options:

    1. Take a cruise on the famous pearl river of Zhujiang.
    2. If you like a measured and relaxing holiday, then visit one of the beaches, but all the sea located in the neighboring town, to which you can easily reach without any problems. In Guangzhou itself, there is a river beach with equipped sun loungers, but it is not recommended to swim in them during the rainy season.
    3. All tourists attend exhibitions,fairs and other festive or entertainment events, such as the Festival of Flowers, rowing competitions on colorful dragon boats, the Spring Festival, the Wine and Liquor Festival, and so on.
    4. In this Chinese city, you will be able to improve your health, as there are many high-class and well-equipped medical centers and clinics in the southern regions of China. And doctors are famous for their professionalism and experience.
    5. Be sure to go shopping, because Guangzhou is considered to be the largest shopping center of the whole country and even the world. But special attention deserves numerous urban markets, where you can buy almost everything. Stock up on free time and do not get lost among the counters.
    6. If you are ready to try something exotic and new, then by all means enjoy the local cuisine. By the way, it has Cantonese roots, that is, it is the oldest and traditional Chinese. In local cafes and stalls, you can buy such unusual and strange dishes like fried grasshoppers and worms, snails, duck tongues, snakes, chicken legs. And all this is seasoned with sweet and sour sauces, so you can not be afraid of excessive "nuclear" spiciness.
    7. Take a fascinating stroll through the colorful city of lights.
    8. Visit one of the local amusement parks, where everyone will find something to their liking.
    9. Go to the flower park or botanical garden and enjoy the variety of colors and fragrance.
    10. Enjoy singing in the opera house or sing on your own in one of the many karaoke clubs.
    11. Immerse yourself in the incredible nightlife of the city.

    Interesting places

    Noteworthy for any self-respecting tourist are the following attractions:

    • The real symbol of the city is the statue of the Five Goats.
    • Guangzhou TV Tower is one of the highest on the entire planet. From it you can plant a stunning opening panoramic view.
    • Go to the highest point - Mount Baiyun.
    • You can visit Crocodile Farm.
    • Mausoleum of the Nanyuez Kings.
    • Luhua and Pazhou are large exhibition complexes.
    • The memorial hall of Sun Yat-sen, who was a famous revolutionary and the first president of the state.
    • Temple of the Ancestors of Chengjia.

    Have a nice and bright trip!

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