• The difficulty of finding a job becomes even more obvious when a person is denied in several places. What are the causes of these events and what is needed in order to successfully pass interviews? It's not a secret that there are whole layers of knowledge that are dedicated specifically to this art of conversation. First of all, it is necessary to take into account that the person who came for the interview, as a rule, communicates with the personnel specialist. The expert, in turn, correctly composes questions for the interview and prepares for an interview. So, if you think that you will pass the interview without much preparation, then most likely you are mistaken. We do not take into account the situation when you are a really good specialist with experience. Let's talk about what to say at the interview and how to behave. So:

    What to say at the interview?

    The first thing I would like to note is that you don’t have to independently and long talk about yourself. You will be asked very specific questions to which you must give equally concrete and truthful answers.Another thing is the compilation of a resume. With this document, I will not be afraid of this word, the personnel specialist will prepare for an interview with you. Here is what is mandatory to specify in the summary:

    • The purpose of your resume. Indicate which position you are applying for.
    • Next you need to specify your data. This will include the last name, first name and patronymic, date of your birth. All contacts that you can find.
    • The next item is one of the most important. Experience. You need to talk about this at the interview. It is necessary to describe in detail all your experience and all places of work, starting with your last place. Specify the name of the company or organization. Indicate the profile of the activity in which this institution or company was engaged. Indicate your position and what you were doing. It is also necessary to indicate your merits. When describing achievements, you should use active verbs. For example: "achieved an increase in productivity" or "increased the level of optimization" and so on. Be sure to attach all certificates or certificates of additional courses. In general, all the good things that happened to you when you were in office in this organization.Be sure to include the company’s address and telephone number. As a rule, a personnel specialist calls to your previous place of work in order to inquire if you really are such a wonderful employee.
    • Another point without which the summary will not be complete. You must provide information about your education. This can not speak on the interview. Of course, the employer will be interested in those institutions in which you learned to do what the employer needs. Specify the year of graduation. Be sure to take the end of the document with you. School certificate you are unlikely to need. But if there is nothing else, then let it be invested in your resume. It is also necessary to indicate various additional services and information about the course (if any), raising the qualifications or expanding your horizons.
    • Well, the last point, which will tell you how, or rather what to speak about correctly at the interview ... This is a point about your qualities. What kind of person are you? How are you valuable? What will make this company take you to work? Answer these questions. Point out your best qualities, but remember! Do not invent what is not, otherwise you will be mistaken when checking.This paragraph of the summary is monitored particularly strictly, since the facts mentioned in this paragraph are very subjective. Also at this point you need to talk a little bit about your hobbies or hobbies. Do not paint it in detail. Just indicate what you enjoy in your free time. Very often, this particular resume item can provide you with a job title.

    Your story at the interview should be based on the summary. Try to give complete and accurate information. Let the facts from your career speak for you.

    What not to say at the interview?

    The most unfavorable outcome of the interview is mainly due to the fact that the person exaggerates its importance or simply frankly lies. It will hurt you not only now, but also in the future, as many personnel specialists are in touch with each other. You should also not touch on the moments of your personal life. When answering questions about this area, stick to the tact of polite and short answers. Answer honestly, but do not go into details. Your right is to keep your privacy with you.

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