• How to pay abroad?

    ������Each payment method has its pros and cons. The most popular payment method in most countries is with a bank card. It is more convenient if it is multicurrency. If the card account is not in euros, dollars or rubles, the conversion takes place at a favorable rate. It is more attractive than cash exchange. And if the card is lost, the money on it will not be lost, you just call the bank and block it. Specialists may offer a replacement card and issue a limited amount in cash, but this service is paid.
    For cash withdrawals on a credit card, the bank takes a commission. In case of technical failures it is better to issue several cards in different banks, so you will always be solvent.
    It is easier to exchange rubles for currency before departure, having found the most favorable rate. True, this applies to dollars and euros. Other currency in Russian banks is sold at an attractive rate very rarely. In this case, boldly take the dollars with you, and exchange them on the spot.
    You can pay in cash anywhere, this is a definite plus of this method of payment.Moreover, buying a currency in advance, you do not depend on the fluctuations of its course. But carrying money with you or storing it in a hotel is not safe.
    Traveler's checks can be purchased at branches of large banks. They guarantee a certain amount in a currency.

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