• What to do useful?

    Yana Lisitsina
    Yana Lisitsina
    October 9, 2014
    What to do useful?

    The time that was freed up after studying, working or doing household chores can be spent not only with joy, but also with benefit. We will talk about how to do this.

    Self improvement

    Freed a minute? Then why not give it to self-improvement? The options can be very different:

    • Sports training;
    • Reading books;
    • Studying the creativity of a talented musician, artist;
    • Mastering a foreign language;
    • Attending a master class on a particular topic;
    • Watching a good movie;
    • Visiting the theater, museum, art gallery;
    • Work on your appearance, creating your own unique style.

    Help others

    Not sure what to do useful when you have free time? It's simple - pay attention to those who will be important, your help is valuable.

    • Take the old things / books / toys to the orphanage.
    • Visit a local animal shelter to help volunteers care for cats and dogs.
    • Organize a campaign to raise funds to help a particular family, child, adult, elderly person.
    • Arrange an interesting and bright (of course, free) master class on modeling salt dough / drawing / sewing, etc. for children with serious illnesses, etc.

    Search for new emotions

    It will be great to arrange a couple of hours full of new emotions, unbridled fun, adrenaline. Such a way to pass the free time will be extremely useful, as it will allow you to shake things up after a long series of gray days, to gain a positive charge, and perhaps even overcome some fears.

    • Ride on the map.
    • Fly in a balloon, airplane.
    • Sign up for a ride on horseback.
    • Dive with scuba diving.
    • Make a weekend trip to another city, country, etc.

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