• What to do if the potato leaves turn yellow

    Potato leaves can turn yellow for many reasons, but the most common is a violation of the temperature regime. The fact is that for normal growth, potatoes need a temperature of 18-22 degrees, at lower rates (especially long ones) the development of tubers is slowed down, and at higher rates problems with the aboveground part of the plants begin. However, if in the first case, the growth of seedlings and their condition depends on the weather and nothing can be done, in the second case it is possible. Potatoes tolerate heat more easily with enough moisture and oxygen in the soil, so watering the crop and loosening the soil is the only measure to avoid yellowing of the foliage in this particular case.

    Also, the tops of potatoes may wither and turn yellow due to lack of nutrition. Especially acutely culture reacts to the absence in the soil of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, manganese and iron, and the lack of even one of these elements can lead to the fading of the foliage.It is worth noting that an overabundance of these very fertilizers in the soil can also lead to wilting of seedlings, therefore, the doses and frequency of fertilizing should be approached with knowledge of the matter. During the growing season, potatoes can be fed once - during the active formation of tubers (for 30-40 days), but provided that the seed is planted in nutrient-poor soil. If, before planting, fertilizer was applied in sufficient quantities, then additional feeding is not required.

    Also, many diseases lead to the yellowing of the foliage of potatoes, for example, the main signs of fusarium and phytophtora - it is the acquisition of foliage of a light shade, only with the first lesion brightens the upper part of the tops, and the second - the lower. Competent crop rotation and the initial observance of the distance between plantings reduces the incidence of potatoes of these diseases to a minimum.

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