• What to do after sex?

    In books devoted to sex, there is a lot of information about how to properly build the process of sexual intercourse: they talk about foreplay, various poses, sex toys, and sex techniques. But very little attention is paid to what to do after sex, and this is important. After all, the aftertaste, which remains after sex, and creates a general impression of a partner and your intimate intimacy.

    So let's consider this question in more detail.

    After sex

    So, your sex is finished, everything was fine, both of you are happy and happy. What to do next? First of all, it all depends on the nature of your relationship and who is lying next to you in bed.

    • Couple in love. After a stormy orgasm, you should not jump up and run to work or start doing everyday activities. Devote each other at least 15-20 minutes. Remember that after sex, the connection between you becomes especially strong, so give each other tenderness and affection. You can turn off the phone and the call for this time so that no one destroys your idyll.What to do after sex? Do not skimp on caresses: after orgasm, all erogenous zones of a woman are especially active, gentle touches will also be pleasant to men. Make each other a light massage of the back, buttocks, inner thighs - perhaps a gentle massage will turn into a hectic sex? Women are especially annoyed when men after sex immediately turn away and fall asleep. Therefore, at this time, men need to be especially sensitive to their partner - you can talk about your feelings, discuss some moments of your sex, but talking about everyday and business topics should be avoided. You can cook and drink coffee together, make snacks and have a snack together - after all, a lot of energy is lost during sexual pleasures. Some couples after sex love to watch movies or TV shows together. Both men and women note that after or during sex, the phrase “I love you” very much reinforces long-term relationships.
    • One night relationship. If your relationship does not imply that you will meet further, then try not to give your partner hope for future contacts. Spend with him or her for at least half an hour after sex, offer coffee or tea, but do not leave your partner to spend the night. Make sure that he or she did not leave their belongings with you.Promise to call if you really intend to call. Well, never say a word about love. If you are a man, be sure to call a taxi and take the girl to the car.
    • Personal hygiene. What to do after sex? Do not forget about hygiene procedures. After sex you should definitely take a shower. If you are too lazy to do this, and you immediately want to go to bed, then keep antibacterial wet wipes or warm wet towels near the bed. You can turn a shared shower or bath in a pleasant pastime, which will help you get even closer to your partner. Caress, hug each other while swimming, and your feelings will increase, become brighter.
    • What to do after the first sex? Loss of virginity for many girls is very important. Some girls begin to cry after the first sex, putting the partner in an awkward position, because he does not understand the reason for the tears. Naturally, the girl should be physically and mentally ready to become a woman. After the first sex, a man needs to be especially affectionate, let the girl know how dear he is to him, and how grateful she is for the right to be her first man.After losing virginity, a girl is recommended to visit a gynecologist, who will check if everything went well.
    • What to do after anal sex? The same as after the usual. If you are worried about any pain, then use a special wound-healing and soothing cream or consult a doctor.

    Now you know what to do after sex. Whatever you do, it should suit both of you.

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