• What to cover the terrace?

    We have a private house in Krasnoyarsk. need to replace the cover on the terrace. What material is better to use so that it does not spoil from water and the sun?
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    Tiled. Neither water, nor sun, nor even hail will spoil it. Just take a non-glossy, but with an anti-slip coating, so as not to slip on it after the rain or in the winter.
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    In a country house everything should be from natural materials. The ideal flooring is wood. Just cover it with a waterproof varnish and update this cover once a year.
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    There is a special larch decking. In Krasnoyarsk, you can look at it here:. This board is durable and environmentally friendly. It can be coated with oil or wax for better protection, although it can withstand temperature extremes well. The board comes in different shades, so you can pick it up to match other surfaces in the house.
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    For the terrace is best decking.

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