• What to buy in Goa?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    February 29, 2012
    What to buy in Goa?

    Holidays in Goa are the sun, the sea, the beach, and, of course, shopping as an integral part of a pleasant stay. So that when you return home it is not insulting for unreasonably spent money, follow our instructions.

    What can you buy in Goa

    Here, as elsewhere, the rule applies: you need to buy something that you cannot buy at home, or something that is sold at home at a higher price. So, here's what to buy in Goa:

    • spices and cashew nuts;
    • Indian tea;
    • Goan port wine;
    • handmade carpets;
    • hand-made fabrics and clothing;
    • decorations;
    • objects of art (products made of papier-mâché, cut on wood and stone figures, Buddhist souvenirs and other objects of art that can be bought in Goa for almost nothing).

    Where to buy

    Conventionally, places can be divided into stores / supermarkets with fixed prices and markets / bazaars / shops, where there are no clear prices. The rule here is to bargain as much as possible!

    The two most popular markets in Goa are the Anjun market, which operates during the day, and the night market in Arpora.In terms of the range of products they offer, they are practically the same, but in terms of entertainment, nightlife is clearly superior to daytime. However, beware - in the twilight there is an opportunity not to notice any defect in the goods.

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