• What taxes does the employer pay?

    Elena Shchugoreva
    Elena Shchugoreva
    February 18, 2013
    What taxes does the employer pay?

    Getting a job, the employee will know what his salary will be - white or black. White means that the employer pays all taxes and shows the full amount of the tax inspection charges. To understand what the employee will have the right to occupy a position in the selected firm, you need to know what taxes the employer pays.

    Employee tax

    It is necessary to understand that the payroll tax is held by the firm from the employee and paid by the employee himself. This is 13% of the total assessed amount, this tax is called income tax. And all other money that goes to state budgets is paid by the employer as payments. Taxes are not called. The employee should know that he should not pay more than 13% for a penny, if his salary is set at 10 thousand rubles in the contract, then he will receive 10 -1.3 = 8.7 thousand rubles.

    Employer Payments

    All other payments, which reach 34.2% of the accrued amounts, are the taxes of the employer for the employee.The amount of payments depends on the industry in which the business is conducted, on the region in which the organization operates. But the list of taxes is the same for everyone - the insurance part and the cumulative part of pension contributions, payments to the Social Insurance Fund, contributions to two medical insurance funds - federal and territorial. All payments depend on the amount of money that is accrued to employees in the form of wages. That is why employers prefer to pay salaries in envelopes.


    The biggest payments fall to the Pension Fund, this is immediately 26%. The Social Insurance Fund leaves 2.9%, if the profession contains risks to life and health, then the payments will be more. Employers pay 3.1% to the federal one for the health insurance fund, and 2% for the territorial one.

    The employer pays for the employee a tax of 13% per month, inclusive until the 15th of the month that follows the reporting month, in the same schedule other payments are made. In the calculation of this tax there are non-taxable deductions, which every employee should know about.

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