• What sweaters are now in fashion

    The word "jacket" often means almost any clothing with long sleeves that can be used as a top for pants or skirt. However, this definition is not entirely correct. Fashionable dictionary defines the "jacket" as women's clothing of short length. Please note: not a word about the sleeves.
    Sweatshirts are very popular regardless of the season. In many stores you will find many spectacular and stylish models with sleeves of the most varied lengths and from various materials. But to be in trend, choose jackets that are now in fashion.
    For example, wide models of lightweight fabrics are very popular. Most often, these jackets are made in natural colors, dominated by brown, beige, white shades. Good look and products with the effect of "scuffs". As a rule, it is used on sweaters in pastel colors.
    Wanting to look seductive, choose jackets with lace elements, ruffles, laces.In this case, your best ally will be a slightly fitted or slinky style. Do not be afraid of products completely made of guipure: they will give you an extraordinarily sexy look. In the afternoon you will be able to wear such a jacket with a T-shirt / top, and in the evening - with a spectacular bra.
    Pay attention to the sweaters, made in retro style. This style is now at the height of fashion. Such products are most often made of lightweight materials: satin, chiffon, crepe. Many models have a moderately wide cut and assembly along the edges with the help of thin elastic bands (along the bottom, on the sleeves, sometimes on the collar). Another option is a fashionable sweater in retro style: sleeves "flashlights", a semicircular gate and a straight silhouette.
    A more demi-season fashion model is a wide sweater, knitted of thin yarn (cotton, wool, etc.). This product looks very concise, but has its own "flavor". She is a cut on the back, which is fixed with a tape on the collar. Sexual detail can be of almost any depth. Particularly popular are two options: a deep neckline to the waist and a small "droplet".
    Effectively and simply look stylish sweaters made of thin plush.These models have a cut on the chest, different free cut and wide long sleeves, narrowed to the bottom. Such a product is perfect for a cool summer evening, and for a home party in the winter.
    They are not planning to donate their popularity in ethnic-style jackets made from natural materials. Laconic models with an interesting finish are very convenient and practical. They go well with jeans and tight pants, wide skirts and shorts. They can be safely complemented by a variety of accessories: from large leather / wooden to small home-made products. The versatility of these jackets allows you to wear them throughout the year.

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