• What should be healthy baby food?

    Remember how in childhood we refused nasty porridge or unloved soup, did not eat "as expected" and were drawn to sweets. Now that we ourselves have become parents, we have studied and realized the importance of a healthy diet for our children, such “tricks” worry us.

    How to teach a child to eat well and properly, if he does not want or does not like? What food is good for him? How to make a children's diet? These and other questions concern many parents - we will give brief and simple recommendations on the topic of interest.

    Principles of healthy baby food

    The well-known children's doctor, Ye.O. Komarovsky, identified five simple and practical principles of healthy baby food: appetite, benefit, variety, convenience, and safety. Consider them separately.


    The main requirement - the child must want food. The presence of appetite suggests that the body needs food, is ready to receive it and the subsequent digestion.You can not force a child to eat without appetite: such food will not fully digest and will not benefit him. But such a feeding system can cause persistent hostility to food intake. No need to try to feed the child by all means - let's eat when you want, and the food you like.

    In case of lack of appetite, two points should be remembered:

    • Temporary refusal to eat is normal and beneficial to humans. For example, a child could more than eat enough last time or he was sick - in this case, fasting helps to recover.
    • If there is no constant good appetite, you need to look for the root of the problem. It is useful to change the mode of the day and sleep, to establish adequate physical exertion, if necessary, reduce to a good pediatrician.


    Baby-friendly products are those that best meet the requirements of his growing body. They must provide the necessary amount of fats, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, micro-and macronutrients.

    In the daily diet you need to include lean and nutritious meat, fish, dairy products (milk, kefir, cottage cheese, cheese), cereals, vegetables, fruits.If you are allergic to any product, you should check with a specialist and exclude the allergen.

    Fermented milk products can be introduced into the diet from the beginning of the feeding. Special children's dairy products provide the optimal balance of useful components for the child's body and give him the necessary substances (calcium and vitamins).


    Nutrition should be varied, so that the child regularly receives all the substances necessary for his growing organism, vitamins, micro- and macroelements. A healthy diet includes five food groups: meat / fish, dairy, cereals, fruits and vegetables. This means that every day the child needs to eat a portion of meat or fish, something dairy, cereal, and some vegetables and fruits. Every time you can choose something new, vary, but at the same time observe a strict initial scheme. For example, today from dairy cottage cheese, tomorrow - milk, from vegetables - tomatoes and cucumbers, tomorrow - carrot salad. Of course, you need to take into account the preferences of the child, and if he does not like any product, it can be replaced by another from the general group.

    When a child eats well and does not get sick, his height and weight meet the standards. You can calculate them using the calculator of the norm of weight and height of children.


    Convenient food is something that is easy and comfortable to eat, so food for the child should be clear and easy. He does not need gourmet delights and complex composition. Cooked quickly, correctly and tasty from simple, healthy and fresh products, such food is eaten with appetite.

    As a supplement, you can include high-quality ready-made baby food It is convenient, safe and tasty - the main thing is to choose correctly and correctly enter into the main diet.


    The children's body is more susceptible to various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, food poisoning and intestinal infections, so it is necessary to especially monitor the safety of food. For food to be safe, it must be properly chosen, cooked and stored. Strictly follow the food rules.

    Modern ready-made children's food products largely meet the safety criteria: raw materials are selected according to strict standards, they limit the use of hazardous components (flavors, colors, preservatives, flavor enhancers), etc. For example, Maloisme’s composition will be a good addition to the basic diet. there are prebiotics, omega-3 and omega-6, 28 minerals and vitamins, no preservatives and dyes, the effectiveness has been proven clinically.

    Production of high-quality baby food is sterile, such products are produced in small, ready-made portions.

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