• What program to open PDF file?

    Recently, a lot of different information is saved in PDF format. This format is reliable, convenient, easy to use and does not take up much space. Consider which program to open the PDF file.

    We offer several programs for opening PDF files, and find out what the main features of this format are.

    PDF format - what is it?

    The Portable Document Format (PDF) file format was invented for storing and distributing printed materials. This system was created by Adobe Systems, which subsequently made it available to the public and even developed a special free program for reading files.

    Today, the PDF format is the easiest and most popular format for printing products, it is even called the student format. A huge number of books and documents are stored and distributed in this format. PDF files take up little space and are very convenient to use.

    What programs open a pdf file?

    Adobe Reader

    The most popular and convenient program for opening pdf-format files was invented by the developers themselves.It is perfect for computers with any operating systems. This is the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it for free by going through this. It weighs very little and does an excellent job. In addition to the free version of this program, there is also a paid version with some additional features. However, the free version is fully suitable for working with PDF files.


    Another excellent program for reading pdf files is PDFMaster. It is also distributed free of charge. Download it best from the official site. The peculiarity of this program is a very user-friendly interface, as well as an excellent feature built in to the utility of finding the right word or the desired page. This saves a lot of time when working with texts in PDF format.

    Foxit reader

    Foxit Reader is another great alternative to the official program for reading PDF files. You can download it for free. This program is extremely fast in its work, it takes up very little space and RAM on your computer, and is distinguished by high speed and performance. With it you can not only read pdf-files, but also create, modify, sign and print them.In it, you can choose the appearance of the document, there is a convenient function of bookmarks, several different viewing modes and image orientation.

    STDU Reader

    The last recommended program is STDU Viewer. Its also the easiest to download. It is free and Russified. The main advantages of this program is extremely high speed, even on weak computers. In addition, the STDU Viewer opens not only PDF files, but also many other text files, as well as almost all available image formats. This utility also has a convenient search by text, as well as the possibility of scaling pages and adding bookmarks, which greatly facilitates the work with voluminous texts, for example, with textbooks. If there are hyperlinks in your text, then STDU Viewer will suit you perfectly, because it supports the ability to work with them.

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