• What part of the speech "already"?

    Tatyana Ionina
    Tatyana Ionina
    December 28, 2012
    What part of the speech "already"?

    In the morphology of the Russian language, the word “already”, depending on the context, can be an adverb, an intensifying particle or an adjective in a comparative degree. To simplify the task and understand what part of the speech is “already”, it is necessary to consider examples for all three options.

    "Already" - adverb

    "Everything has already happened before our appearance - it is not worth interfering." In this example, the word "already" is an adverb that helps convey the meaning that a particular action has taken place. This adverb answers the question: "When?" (happened when? - happened already).

    "Already" - an amplifying particle

    "Now everything is not so acutely felt, passions subsided." In this case, the word “already” has become an amplifying particle, which places emphasis on the combination “not so sharply”.

    "Already" - comparative adjective

    "The pants seemed narrower than before." In this context, the word "already" represents the comparative degree of the adjective "narrow" (did the pants seem to be what? - they seemed already).It is worth noting that the stress in this case is on the first syllable.

    Having considered the proposed examples, it can be concluded that in all three variants the word “already” is sufficient to check regarding belonging to one or another part of speech, having penetrated into the context surrounding this word.

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