• What not to do in the forest?

    Polyakov Alexander
    Polyakov Alexander
    January 8, 2013
    What not to do in the forest?

    The forest is a favorite resting place for adults and young people and children. We are dedicating more and more time to hiking in the wild forest, in search of peace and salvation from a noisy civilization. Wandering among the trees, we admire the richness and diversity of nature, listen to the birds singing, watch the inhabitants of the forest. However, today we, educated people of the twenty-first century, cannot honor the greatness of the forest and its inhabitants.

    There are rules, and we should know what not to do in the forest, because we are guests in it. By our ignorance we can endanger both the forest and, in fact, ourselves.

    Behavior in the forest

    In the forest, you should be quiet, especially in national parks. It is undesirable to not listen to the radio, not to include loud music - because the music of the forest is the singing of birds, the sound of the wind and the rustling of trees. And so it should remain, because the noise scares the animals, introducing them into a state of confusion. Also, noise is a violation of public order, because it interferes with rest and rest for the rest of the rest.

    Closed areas

    Most of the forests are publicly accessible, but some zones (the above-mentioned national parks, nature reserves, etc.) are protected by the forest service and it is strictly forbidden to pick mushrooms there, set up tents and, moreover, make a fire. Violations of the prohibitions include fines. Zones that are protected are usually specially marked. There are signs or information about the ban.

    General rules

    In the forest, you must behave so that there is no trace of your stay. In the forest you can not leave cans, bottles, paper, because all this indicates a lack of culture in humans. After all, this may all be a threat to the forest and animals (for example, a bottle - it can be a cause of fire). Do not steal eggs from nests, try not to damage the plants, do not touch inedible mushrooms and do not scare animals.


    Be careful with fire. Make a fire only in specially designated places (ibid and smoke), and if there is no such place, make a fire at a sufficiently far distance from the trees. One cigarette can cause huge losses in nature.

    Do not drive into the forest by car.You are here to enjoy nature, and not to look at it through a car window. Clean up the trash - the traces of human presence disfigure the forest. In the forest you can not make noise, touch the animals, catch them. Remember - trees, plants and mushrooms are also living organisms - do not kick, break or harm them. Each small plant has its place in the forest - no need to destroy it unnecessarily.

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