• What melodrama to watch?

    Melodrama is not just a tearful love story, as many think. This is a very versatile genre that describes life in all its manifestations. Those who love melodramas are well aware of this. And for those who are still unfamiliar with this genre, we will tell you which melodrama to watch in order to get pleasure from watching and not regret the time spent.

    What melodrama worth watching

    Of course, there are a lot of good melodramas, but when choosing which melodrama is worth seeing, you should first of all get acquainted with the world recognized film masterpieces representing this genre.

    • Pride and Prejudice (2005). The film is based on the novel by Jane Austen. The action takes place at the end of the 18th century in England. The main character - Elizabeth Bennett wants to marry only for love, which is not easy in the realities of the time.
    • Gone With the Wind (1939). Picture taken from the book of Margaret Mitchell. Despite the year of release, this is a very interesting film about love, loyalty, pride and dedication. The events take place during the civil war in America.
    • The smell of a woman (1992).The film’s protagonist is a retired blind colonel played by Al Pacino. Grievously experiencing his helplessness, this man sets off on the last journey of his life.
    • Bringing (1990). A young man, Sam dies from the hands of the robber, becomes a ghost and learns that his death was not accidental. Sam's main task is to save his beloved from the danger hanging over her.
    • The Rain Man (1988). The touching story of the relationship between autistic Raymond and his healthy brother, Charles.
    • Groundhog Day (1993). In this film, one arrogant television journalist falls into a temporary trap. He is forced to live the same day time after time.
    • Titanic (1997). The heroes of the film - representatives of different social strata, fall in love with each other on board the infamous Titanic.
    • Pretty Woman (1990). The love story of a financial magnate and a "night butterfly".
    • Amelie (2001). A good and funny story about the French Amelie, her dreams and secrets.
    • Rules winemakers (1999). A film about the life of a young man, Homer, who grew up in an orphanage during World War II.

    Russian melodramas worth seeing

    If you are interested in Russian cinema and look for a Russian melodrama to watch, then start with the time-tested classics of the genre:

    • Moscow does not believe in tears (1979).The picture tells about the mistakes of youth and true love, which is possible at any age.
    • Cruel Romance (1983). The story of love and betrayal, filmed on the play by Ostrovsky "The Brideless Girl".
    • It does not hurt me (2006). A picture about the love of a poor architect to a girl who is terminally ill.

    Of course, the list of melodramas presented here is far from complete. World cinema is rich in beautiful films of this genre and is constantly updated with them. You can easily find what melodrama can be viewed, focusing on the quality of the above films, which, of course, are examples of one hundred percent art.

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