• What mattresses are better for children?

    Baby sleep is of great importance for the health and growth of the baby. Loving parents are trying to beautifully and most comfortably equip the children's bedroom. They choose the appropriate furniture, wallpaper, curtains and toys. But to sleep, you first need a comfortable bed and a mattress. Poem is important to know which mattress to buy a child.

    Soft or hard

    Useful mattresses for children must be hard and not fall under the weight of the body. It is best to deal with these conditions orthopedic mattresses having a filler of coconut fiber. They are able to provide the body with the correct position, thereby helping to form a healthy children's skeleton.

    Prevention or treatment

    It is necessary to understand that orthopedic mattresses are not capable of treating the already appeared problems of the musculoskeletal system. Such mattresses are primarily a good means of preventing these diseases. Although the orthopedic mattress has a positive effect on the general condition of the body, as well as on the child's well-being.

    What kind of mattress to choose a child at birth

    Pediatricians recommend orthopedic mattresses for babies that are able to adapt to the curves of the child’s body, thereby keeping his spine in a horizontal position and at the same time providing muscles with relaxation and rest. Since newborn babies spend most of their time in a dream, and they still cannot take a comfortable position on their own, such a mattress can help them cope with this task.

    "Stuffing" mattress

    Orthopedic mattresses are composed of a base, a filler and a cover. At the heart of such a mattress can have both spring and springless unit. The filler may be in the form of natural or artificial materials. It is the combination of these components determines the degree of rigidity of the mattress. As a rule, children's mattresses are double sided. Considering which mattresses are better for children, it is worth thinking about this indicator. Double-sided mattress implies that it will need to be turned over to the other side when the child is older. For the smallest, a tougher side is chosen. A mattress for a child of 5 years should already be softer.This means it should be turned to the other side.

    With or without springs

    The most popular are mattresses with dependent spring units. Such springs are interconnected in such a way that when one of them is loaded, the adjacent springs are compressed. Such spring mattresses for children may not be comfortable in the case when the child does not sleep well and tosses a lot. Then it would be best to buy a mattress for him with an independent spring unit. There is no “hammock effect”, which allows you to make sleep more comfortable. There are springless orthopedic mattresses for children. They lack metal elements, and coconut kaira is present in the composition. All this puts this type of mattress in the first place. However, the price of such mattresses is quite high. Going to the store to buy mattresses for children, check out the above information and purchase only useful and comfortable mattresses for your children!

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