• What loose powder should I choose?

    Matte, smooth and velvety skin is the main sign of noble femininity and refinement, however, not everyone can boast of such dignity - pigmentation, small inflammations and eruptions are just a small list of problems that almost every second woman has to face.

    Especially for this, even at the time of Ancient Egypt, a device was invented that would cope with the masking of irregularities and give the skin a noble gloss. This was the first powder - cosmetic, without which no woman can do today.

    Friable powder is one of the most popular varieties of this cosmetic product, and if in the olden days it was actively used to give the person a noble whiteness, today it is, rather, one of the ways to hide unwanted irregularities and skin defects.

    In addition, a good friable powder prevents the formation of new inflammations and acne, it does not clog the pores, in contrast to compact species,and also allows you to create the most natural options for day and evening makeup, is considered the best tool for professional makeup.

    Choosing good makeup

    How to choose high-quality powder for yourself? Believe me, more than one dozen girls are asked this question every day, because the quality of the selected product will depend on the appearance of the skin, and this is important! Naturally, first of all it is necessary to start from your skin type: for example, for a normal type, picking powder (loose) powder will not be difficult.

    The owners of the fat type should pay attention to the varieties of loose powder, which include zinc oxide - it controls the work of the sebaceous glands well, thus the skin remains dull for a long time.

    But girls with dry, prone to irritation, the skin should be approached to the choice with caution, because it is not the best way to combine with this cosmetic.

    Although many well-known manufacturers of cosmetics have already released special lines of loose powder that have a moisturizing effect, for example, you can find them in Dior or Bourjois.

    By the way, if you use it on top of a foundation, as, in fact, many girls do, it will not have any irritating effect on the skin, and therefore you can not bother searching for special lines for dry skin.

    When choosing this cosmetic product, it is very important to guess with the correct tone, which will be ideally suited for your skin color. If you can not decide in any way, then just put some money on the back of your hand: if you do not notice a particular difference, then this shade is ideal for you.

    In addition, you can try the transparent loose powder - it is well eliminates unnecessary luster of the face and absorbs fats. True, it is not superfluous to remember that she is best suited to fair-skinned girls, but on the swarthy skin can give an unpleasant gray shade.

    To buy this product is not difficult, in fact, loose powder is sold in every cosmetic store, where you will be offered at least a few positions. Choosing for yourself, do not be stingy, and stop at the one that best suits you in tone and properties.

    Prices for loose powder can vary greatly, ranging from $ 10, ending with professional and branded lines from $ 300 each.

    Such a high price is conditioned not only by the famous brand, but also by the quality composition, for example, a number of manufacturers, such as ZHivanshi, Overcoat or Max Factor, include natural oils, extracts of medicinal plants, particles of gold, silver or pearls in their production. There are those that add special ingredients to its composition that protect the skin from exposure to UV rays.

    To be or not to be?

    Many girls doubt whether it is worth spending money on loose powder, because it is much more convenient and even more familiar to use compact varieties.

    Of course, the main disadvantage of a friable species is its form - you can not strongly reproach it in a purse, it suddenly dissipates, and it needs to be applied with a special brush, which also needs to be found. However, the advantages it has:

    • Unlike compact powder, powder is easier to apply and apply more evenly, which is why professionals love it so much.
    • Again, unlike compact, it lasts longer and does not crumble during the day, it is easier for her to hide the flaws and make the layer as smooth as possible. By the way, it never creates the hateful effect of "plaster".
    • It has, in fact, a unique composition: collagen, talc, natural kaolin, ground silk and other nutritional supplements.

    How to use?

    If you want to achieve the best effect, it is important to learn how to use it correctly, for this, remember a few basic rules:

    • Apply the cosmetic on the pre-moistened skin: wait until the cream is completely absorbed. If you plan to use powder instead of tonal basis, then wait until it is completely absorbed and only then continue to apply makeup.
    • Loose powder should not be applied to wet skin: it can curl up with ugly lumps and spots. If you have very oily skin, then pre-blot her napkins to achieve a beautiful matting effect.
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