High school is not real life. Be ready for this.

    In life you will meet a lot of cheesy girls. Just keep your brand and pass by.

    If you have found a true friend, then try to keep him, no matter how far you are from each other.

    Things will not make you happy.

    Do not judge anyone yourself, but be prepared that you will be judged constantly. Above the nose, baby.

    Find out your grandmother for real.

    Not every problem is the end of the world.

    Choose your main battle, not all worth fighting for.

    Do not compare yourself with others, they will never be like you.

    No matter how much you love a person, try not to lose yourself.

    Speak Find your voice and use it!

    Learn the word "no" and do not be afraid to use it.

    You have to write your own life story, try to fill the pages with happy events.

    Never chase a man, it will be right if he finds you himself.

    Learn to properly accept compliments and try to believe in them.

    Always be honest.

    Be able to be happy in your own role and do not be afraid of loneliness.

    Never be afraid to share what you feel.

    You can argue, but remember rule 9.

    Read everything that comes into your hands. Knowledge is power.

    If you came to the guy's house and did not see books in the house, then go away.

    You are not someone's property!

    Be always able to fend for yourself. Always.

    Do not be afraid to fail. It is on them learn.

    Never send in electronic form something that you could not place on the front page of a city newspaper. Even if you delete it, it will still pop up.

    Help others unconditionally, good deeds bring happiness.

    Be kind, gratitude reveals the character.

    Always trust your intuition. Always!

    Be polite.

    Your actions speak better for you than your words.

    Do not hide your feelings, find a way to express them.

    Look for beauty in all things.

    Use sunscreen!

    Do not lose contact with people who love you.

    Always go through life with your head held high. Confidence is attractive.

    Cry when you need it and find new strength in your tears.

    Laughter is a medicine for the soul.

    Too loud music? So turn up the volume and dance!

    Words can build bridges and burn them. Choose them intelligently.

    Home is where you are loved, not where you live.

    To apologize first is not to show weakness.

    Work hard work hard. Always be able to provide for yourself.

    I know you hate me sometimes, but I always love you.

    You are self-sufficient!

    You can tell me something at any time. I will always be with you.

    Remember again, I will always love you.

    You are capable of more than you think.

    You are beautiful, and do not let anyone make you feel different.

    Life consists only of today. Live at the moment. You cannot fully control your yesterday or tomorrow. All you have is today, so just be happy.

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