• What is velor?

    Yuri Belousikov
    Yuri Belousikov
    March 2, 2015
    What is velor?

    Surely some girls, seeing cute boots with a label "from velor", are wondering what kind of material it is and how long it will last.From our article you will learn what velor is and what types it is.

    Description and types of velor

    Velor is a leather treated in a special way. This word comes from the Latin "villosus", that is, "hairy", and depending on the treatment is determined by its use. This material is widely used in the manufacture of various hats, shoes and outerwear. The texture of the material is similar to suede, so velor is soft with a velvety surface.

    Also velor can be with a dense and rather soft pile, which is made from pure wool fabric. And it is also made of tanned leather, which is made from small ruminant skins, and from the outside such leather is trimmed under velvet. Velor is much cheaper than suede, since leather with damaged exterior is suitable for its production.Shoes made of velor is advantageous due to the low cost of production, as well as due to its attractive appearance. For example, boots from velor up to the knee will help to hide the shortcomings of the legs.

    It is also interesting to know that velor shoes last longer if not worn in rainy weather, as well as on very cold days. It is better to clean these shoes in a dry state, and for even greater preservation in special shops you can buy various emulsions, formulations and aerosols to take care of shoes from velor.

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