• What is useful cream with shea butter?

    An exotic tree called shea tree grows in distant hot Africa. Locals use it for the manufacture of medicines, food and money. They worship him and call him the beautiful name "Tree of Life."

    A special advantage of the African tree is the fragrant nuts from which they produce shea butter (another name is carite).

    What are the features?

    Shea butter is called melted buttery consistency with a slight nut flavor. Its color depends on the method of production:

    • if a manual method was used, the shek is light yellow or grayish-yellow in color;
    • if the industrial method of pressing, the mass will be white.

    The main composition of shea:

    • neutral fats - (triglycerides) - 80%. Due to their effects on the skin, it is well moisturized, takes on a healthy, smooth look;
    • complex of acids, and in particular, oleic, stearic, linoleic, palmitic, etc. They protect the skin from drying out, peeling and wilting;
    • vitamins A, F, E, D, and the like.- indispensable for nutrition and hydration of the epidermis.

    Positive properties

    Due to its unique composition, shea butter has the following advantages:

    • intensively nourishes and transforms the skin, eliminating dryness and flaking;
    • rejuvenates by stimulating the production of collagen; as a result, it relieves wrinkles and stretch marks;
    • protects against the effects of adverse natural conditions, and in particular, from severe frost, the influence of ultraviolet rays;
    • treats for many dermatological diseases, for example, psoriasis, eczema, dermatosis;
    • reduces inflammation and allergic reaction;
    • retains moisture, and therefore, saves the skin from fading;
    • effectively heals wounds, minor cuts, abrasions.

    Who can not?

    Despite a number of positive properties possessed by shea butter, he also has contraindications:

    • an allergic reaction to one of the components (for example, latex), which is part of the carite;
    • allergic to shea nuts.

    Storage Recommendations

    So that the oil does not lose its excellent properties, it must be stored:

    • in a cool place;
    • in the glass closed container;
    • no more than 2 years as a separate product, and no longer than 3 months - if it is part of homemade cream.

    Application area

    Given the unique properties of shea butter, it is widely used in cosmetology, as well as a cosmetic and therapeutic agent for body and hair care at home.

    Experienced cosmetologists recommend the use of shea carte in pure form:

    • lubricating the face at night instead of a night cream. As a result, the skin will become supple, fresh and silky;
    • applying on the lips to cure from cracks and peeling, and also as a protective agent of negative natural effects;
    • Covering the face with a thin layer as a basic makeup base. Such a protective layer will save you from exposure to hot sunlight in the summer, and weathering, and frostbite - in the winter;
    • including in the composition of masks, creams, homemade balms.

    In cosmetology with shea butter, lotions, moisturizers, creams, ointments for the face and the whole body are made. Often this product is added to the composition of shampoos and conditioners, soaps and shower gels, as well as lipstick and lip gloss.

    For example, here are a few cosmetic products:

    • The best nourishing cream TO-PLAN, which is used as a night face and hands.It softens the skin, regenerates and nourishes. Indispensable in the winter.
    • The popular night cream Lavolta Shea, which perfectly copes with mimic age-related wrinkles and smoothes deep wrinkles.

    Shea butter can be called universal, use it as a cream, mask, moisturizer, and you will not regret it!

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