• What is Ukraine?

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    What is Ukraine?

    Today, when the situation in Ukraine is monitored literally at every point on the globe, it is useful to recall (or learn) what Ukraine is as a state. In this article we will provide basic information about the country, including its history, state symbols, as well as the administrative and territorial division of Ukraine.

    What is Ukraine: general information

    Ukraine is an Eastern European state, Russia's southern neighbor. The state language of the country is Ukrainian. The total area of ​​Ukraine is 603.6 thousand square kilometers (according to other data, 577.5 square kilometers; this is due to the recognition or non-recognition of the inclusion of the Crimea and Sevastopol into the Russian Federation). The country's population at the moment - 42.9 million people (according to other sources - 41 million). The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. Independence Day is celebrated on August 24th. Read more about this in our article - When is the day of Ukraine.

    Ukraine is bordered by land and by rivers with seven states: Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia; Russia and Romania also have maritime borders. Those who are interested in numbers, refer to our article - With whom Ukraine borders.There you will find detailed information on the length of all the borders of Ukraine - land, sea and river.

    Map of Ukraine

    Currently, Ukraine includes 24 regions (there are also cities of republican subordination: Kiev and Sevastopol (the status of the latter, however,Mapthe moment is uncertain) and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the status of which is also not defined now. We will not list the remaining regions here, because there is a special article on this topic - How Many Areas in Ukraine. We only note that the names of the Ukrainian regions mostly coincide with the names of the regional centers, with the exception of two: Volyn region (the capital is Lutsk) and Transcarpathian region (the capital is Uzhgorod).

    Million cities

    In Ukraine there are now five million-plus cities: these are Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk. In the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, there are about 3 million people (according to the Ukrainian Institute of Demography), according to the officialCitystatistics, this figure is slightly lower - 2.8 million. Odessa is considered a "millionaire", but the population of the city periodically falls below this mark. So, as of January 2002, the city’s population was 1.01 million.people, and according to January 1, 2014 - 999.4 thousand people.

    However, if we ignore the statistical errors, Odessa can also be attributed to the million-plus cities. According to the data of January 1, 2014, the population of Kharkiv is 1.45 million people, Dnipropetrovsk - 993 thousand people, but excluding the suburban areas included in the city limits, Donetsk - 964 thousand people. Thus, only Kiev and Kharkov can be attributed to “permanent” millionaires, and the rest of the cities, as they say, “balance on the edge”.

    Ukrainian flag

    The Ukrainian flag consists of two equal horizontal stripes of blue (top) and yellow (bottom) colors. Although in one form or another this combination of colors was found in the Ukrainian lands in different eras, the state flag of Ukraine was officially approved only in January 1992, and by decree of the President of 23FlagAugust 2004 the Day of the State Flag was introduced in Ukraine, which precedes the Day of State Independence and is celebrated on August 23 of each year.

    As for the generally accepted symbolism, the colors of the Ukrainian flag mean the following: blue is the color of a clear, cloudless sky, yellow is the color of wheat fields, because wheat is the main grain crop grown in Ukraine.We also note the exact numeric and alphanumeric meanings of the colors of the Ukrainian flag, approved officially. Blue - 0, 91, 187 on the RGB scale and 5019 Capri blue on the RAL scale. Yellow - 255, 213, 0 on the RGB scale and 1023 Traffic yellow on the RAL scale.

    Emblem of Ukraine

    The Ukrainian coat of arms is a slightly modified trident of Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich, also known as Vladimir the Great, Vladimir the Baptist and Vladimir the Red Sun. According to one version, it is believed that this trident originated as a developmentCoat of armsimages of a falcon flying to prey, according to another - that this is a “modified” Khazar bident. One way or another, the representatives of the Rurikovich clan used it from the time of Svyatoslav and Vladimir as a coat of arms in Kievan Rus.

    The modern Ukrainian coat of arms was approved on February 19, 1992, that is, in fact, immediately after the approval of the national flag. The colors of the coat of arms of Ukraine practically coincide with the colors of the flag, however, it is indicated that the shield color is “azure with a thin golden border”, and the trident itself (Ukrainian “trident”), like the border, is also golden. As for the shape of the shield, it is defined as “English”. It is appropriate to refer to the heraldic descriptions and explainthat the heraldic shield of the Ukrainian coat of arms is made in the form of one of the variants of the so-called “English shield”, that is, quadrangular with a sharp base.

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