• What is trans?

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    What is trans?

    It is accepted to talk about trance as an altered state of human consciousness. Of course, to fall into a trance is a property of the psyche, its functional state. According to some interpretations, the functioning of the brain, in which participation in the processing of incoming information is consciously changing. Other sources say about a certain shift in the so-called �assemblage point� when the very principle of knowing the world changes.

    Mechanism of action

    What is trance? It alters the human brain activity (beta waves). Attention is focused on the inner information, and not on the outer, as in the usual state of consciousness: dreams, memories, sensations, mental images. If a person falls into a trance intentionally and independently, then by some Eastern spiritual schools this is called meditation (for more details, see How to meditate correctly).

    They also talk about a certain form of self-hypnosis: a person is inclined to independently enter into such a state under the influence of fatigue, stress, information overload. So our body is protected from "damage", as if self-adjusting from the inside.When the amount of negative goes through the roof, a person who has never practiced this meditation can go into a trance and even fall asleep, thus eliminating a breakdown in the nervous system.

    Types of trance

    • Everyday. Surely, you have repeatedly performed some actions �on the machine� (for example, driving a car by a skilled driver). Everyday trance includes both ordinary reverie and the borderline between sleep and wakefulness, into which each person falls twice a day!
    • In-depth. It includes hypnosis in all its manifestations, that is, intentionally strengthening and prolonging such a condition.
    • Somnambulic. The deepest trance is when a person significantly changes his own consciousness (shamans, priests - religious trance, magic trance). To learn how to enter an altered state, read the article How to Enter a Trance.

    Trance music

    An electronic style that uses a direct rhythm as a basis, introducing a person into a state like trance. Such music is considered to be one of the most emotionally colored among electronic. It uses as associations the sound of the sea, the sounds of wind and rain, passing into the astral space flight.And all this is combined with deep bass and measured beat rhythm.

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