• What is the pressure in the heating system?

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    What is the pressure in the heating system?

    For proper operation of the heating system, it is necessary to know exactly how much pressure is in the heating system. Deviations in any direction from the desired indicator can lead to serious problems, including partial destruction of the system.

    Types of pressure

    • Static pressure - shows the force with which the volume of the liquid presses, given its height (for example, at the bottom of the tank). In this case, the pressure on the surface of this fluid will be zero;
    • dynamic pressure - arises due to the movement of gas or liquid volumes.
    • The allowable working (or maximum working) pressure is the water pressure in the heating system, at which the operation of the entire system, including the pump, is still safe.

      Differential pressure - in the system there is a difference in performance in the return zone (the place where suction occurs) and values in the supply zone (discharge place).

    • Normal (working) water pressure in the heating system of an autonomous type is 1.5 - 2 atmospheres. Three atmospheres - a critical level.

    Water pressure in the heating system

    When pumped into the coolant system, the pressure is usually set to a minimum level equal to 1.5 atmospheres. When heated, the coolant expands, increasing the pressure to the level of the worker.

    For protection against increasing the pressure in the system in excess of the norm, expansion tanks are used. Which begin to function when the pressure level inside the system rises to 2 atmospheres. By taking excess coolant inward, they do not allow an increase in pressure.

    With insufficient capacity of the expansion tank, the pressure may increase to three atmospheres. In this case, a safety valve is provided in the system, when activated, the excess heat carrier volume is removed from the heating system.

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