• What is the name Simpsons?

    August 18, 2014
    What is the name Simpsons?

    The main characters of the longest American animated series is the Simpsons family. Every self-respecting cartoon lover should know the Simpsons name:

    • The head of the family is Homer Jay Simpson, a safety inspector at a nuclear power plant in the city of Springfield.
    • His wife - Margery Simpson (abbreviated - Marge) - a housewife who dreamed of becoming an artist.
    • The eldest son - Bartholomew Jo-Jo Simpson (abbreviated to Bart) is a ten-year-old tomboy who loves to skate and read comics.
    • The middle daughter, Lisa Mary Simpson, is a very smart eight-year-old girl who plays the saxophone and dreams of becoming president.
    • The younger daughter, Margaret Simpson (abbreviated to Maggie), is a one-year-old girl who does not walk or speak throughout the series.
    • The Simpsons' family also has pets: the Snowflake cat and the dog Santa's Little Helper.
    • In addition to these heroes, Homer’s father, Abraham Jay Simpson, often appears in the Simpsons ’house (abe - Abe or simply Grandfather).

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