• What is the name of our planet

    Yana Merichenko
    Yana Merichenko
    July 25, 2014
    What is the name of our planet

    Our planet is called the Earth, sometimes called the Blue Planet and the World.

    origin of name

    The name "Earth" comes from the transformation of the common Slavic old word "land." In translation, it means "bottom", "soil" or "floor." This name the planet received because it consists of soil and water. And the whole inhabitant of the world of the Earth can exist only due to the fact that it grows in the earth and thanks to water.

    Blue planet Earth is called, because of the large water spaces and atmosphere, from space it looks like a blue ball.

    The name of the planet in other nations

    The English-speaking peoples of the word Earth - Earth. This term is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word "erda", which means "ground" or "base." For the first time the name of the planet "Earth" was used in the 1400s. This name of the planet is the only name that was not borrowed from Greek-Roman mythology.

    In Latin, our planet is called Terra, translated “clay”, “soil”.

    Various ancient peoples tried to animate the planet, so they called it in honor of certain gods.For example, the Aztecs gave the name Tonanqing (“our mother”), the Greeks - Gaia, and the Chinese - Hou-Tu. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the Earth is even compared with a man, namely with the god Hebe.

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