• What is the best foundation?

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    August 17, 2011
    What is the best foundation?

    The best concealer will not tighten the skin, it will be easily removed with a makeup remover, there will be no traces of it on clothes, it will not clog mimic wrinkles on the face. Conducted many surveys among buyers. We present the results of one of them ...

    What is the best foundation

    1. Foundation brand Maxfactor. It fits perfectly on the skin, is able to hide strong defects, does not cause allergies. But the cream is thick, so in summer it is not convenient to use.
    2. Foundation brand Vichy. Well hides skin imperfections, the skin breathes under it. But for sensitive skin is not suitable, can cause allergies.
    3. Foundation brand Lancome. The look of silk flawless skin, insanely pleasant aroma.

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