• What is repair?

    Anna Kitaychik
    Anna Kitaychik
    March 25, 2015
    What is repair?

    Many of us have come across the word "repair" in life, but few know that it has several meanings. We propose to understand what a repair is and in what cases the use of this word is appropriate.

    Meaning of repair

    • Repair is a French word that literally means “correct” or “reassemble”. Therefore, repair is the repair of any damage, repair or replacement of items. Examples: "This watch has long needed repair." "It's time to do an overhaul of an apartment."
    • Also repair is a regular replenishment of the herd of horses with young: "It's time to repair the herd."
    • Repair - the purchase of horse units with military units in order to replenish the loss of cavalry: "horse repair".

    Types of repair

    Most often the word "repair" is used in the sense of repairing, correcting and improving something. Currently, there are several main types of repair:

    • Maintenance - in the process of replacement, restoration or repair of a small number of replacement parts.In the case of an apartment renovation, this type of work is called cosmetic, that is, in its process, the exterior of the apartment is finished without replacing the electrical wiring, heating system, leveling and other serious works. As a rule, it is just sticking wallpaper, replacing the floor covering or painting the ceiling in order to make the interior more fresh and modern.
    • Medium repair - restoration of serious damage with partial disassembly of the device.
    • Overhaul - complete disassembly of the device or alteration of the premises with the replacement of all worn-out elements. In the construction sphere, major repairs include such serious types of work as replacing pipes of the heating system, sewage and water supply, replacing windows, leveling the surface of walls, ceiling or floor, updating the electrical network with the installation of new outlets and the like.

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