• What is physalis?

    February 9, 2015
    What is physalis?

    Many people, even without knowing what physalis is, grow it on their plots simply “for beauty”. Often it is added to bouquets or decorate their homes - in a dry form, it does not lose its attractiveness for quite a long time.

    Below we describe the appearance, properties and benefits of Physalis.

    What is physalis

    First of all, we note that Physalis is the largest genus - in terms of the abundance of its members, Physalis is often compared with tomatoes. It includes about 90 species of plants. On the Russian open spaces in the wild, only physalis ordinary is found - it is able to spend the winter in our conditions. Mexican Physalis is often grown as a garden plant, much less often Peruvian. Other species can be found only in botanical gardens and private collections.


    The plant has gained popularity due to an unusual fetus, which hides in a shell formed by fused petals. It is very similar to the Chinese lantern, so the plant is popularly called. When the berry ripens, the “flashlight” dries out and changes color.It is his and use the compilers of flower compositions.

    Plant properties

    Few people know that Physalis fruits are not only edible, but also useful. As a medicinal plant, Physalis is able to:

    1. normalize digestion;
    2. resist allergies;
    3. help overcome airway problems;
    4. relieve the symptoms of gout;
    5. strengthen the nervous system.

    In addition, it is an excellent antioxidant.

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