• What is nationalism?

    Alexander Yulin
    Alexander Yulin
    August 15, 2012
    What is nationalism?

    In the modern world, self-determination of peoples is growing, each nation strives to perpetuate its name and enhance its role in the world. There are negative manifestations of such trends, to recall at least apartheid in South Africa and the war in Yugoslavia. Accusations such as Nazism, racism and genocide are heard from the stands. What is nationalism? Well, let's in more detail.

    Nationalism is the love of his people and the desire for its spiritual, moral and social development. The term is often confused with Nazism, and some Nazis call themselves nationalists, although they are wrong. Nationalism is a form of understanding of the world when you are for your people, and not AGAINST other nations. Unfortunately, most people do not understand this difference. If you spit in the direction of a person of another nationality, then you are a Nazi. The Nazi, first of all, is ready to destroy other people, without even thinking about his good. Such a person is inadequate and dishonors the honor and good name of any nation and all of Mankind as a whole.

    A nationalist is a person who sees the development and growth of his people in the family of all Mankind. He respects the elderly, women and children of any nationality. He is committed to mutually beneficial cooperation with any people for the benefit of his. The idea of ​​nationalism is very well stated in the books of Ivan Ilyin.

    Remember that nationalism is love for your people and respect for others. If a person does not comply with this norm, and is ready only to hate other nations, then such an individual is inadequate and dangerous. He is a Nazi, and does not have the right to call himself a nationalist. So he dishonors and discredits the patriots.

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