• What is mom dreaming about?

    Alexander Duz
    Alexander Duz
    August 14, 2012
    What is mom dreaming about?

    Mom - the most native person for anyone. Often we see mom in a dream. Many people who believe in the value of dreams are often concerned about the question of what their mother dreams about. In a dream, it all depends on the specific situation and a certain image. After analyzing the popular dream books, we will try to understand what the dreams in which the mother is present mean.

    In general, such dreams bring positive changes. So, if you dreamed of your mother in her usual way and under normal conditions, this indicates that many of your plans will be realized in the near future. If you talked to your mom in a dream, it is important to remember what the conversation was about and listen to her opinion, advice. This is especially true if your mother is no longer in this world or she is far from you.

    In case you saw your mother happy, joyful, smiling, it means that luck will soon come unexpectedly in your life. If mom cries and tries to tell you something, you need to take such a dream seriously. She may be trying to warn you about problems and difficulties.

    Continuing this topic, it is necessary to mention what the mother died. So, if in reality it is no longer there, but in a dream you communicate, and she earnestly calls you with her, stretches her arms, it foreshadows a great deal of trouble, up to a serious illness or your death. In general, do not be afraid of dreams with the participation of the deceased mother, because they often portend well-being.

    If we talk about what the mother’s death dreams about, there may be several options. Perhaps if your mother is alive in reality, this dream tells you about the need to devote more time to your mother, since she does not feel your care and love. If you see a deceased mother who dies in your dream, it promises grief, tears and, quite possibly, even a disease.

    Let mom you dream only to good!

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