• What is mobility?

    Anna Piskunova
    Anna Piskunova
    May 16, 2015
    What is mobility?

    Obviously, the word mobility has a common root with the word mobile. The latter is often associated with telephony: they are characterized by a level of communication where you can always make a call without additional devices and in any place where there is a signal. And this is just one of the meanings that the word has mobility. What is mobility in a broad sense, and where else can we meet the use of this word?

    Mobility: the meaning of the word

    The word mobility comes from the Latin "mobilis", which means "mobile". So, the main value of mobility is to indicate a high degree of mobility, the ability to act quickly. The term mobility in the above example with a phone is used to explain a quick and convenient making a call or sending a message.

    This term is widely used in a number of the humanities to denote the possibility of rapid transitions along the social scale. For example, social mobility demonstrates that a person can, having started a professional path, with the development of certain skills, reach a higher level.This can also be achieved by changing the place of residence, personal status, or expanding connections with other people. Thus, a person changes his initial position in society for more or less advantageous and comfortable for him.

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