• What is metrology?

    Marina Frolova
    Marina Frolova
    February 12, 2013
    What is metrology?

    The science of metrology originated a long time ago and in translation from Greek it means “the science of measurements”. Even in ancient times, people resorted to measurements of various subjects, inventing ways to obtain measurements, but what is metrology in the modern sense? Metrology is a science that is based on various measurements, ways of obtaining the most accurate measurements, as well as ensuring interconnection and unity between the measurements obtained.

    What is studying metrology

    With the help of metrology it became possible to obtain accurate quantitative information about the properties of various objects. But the science of metrology studies not only measurements, methods and methods of obtaining measurements, but also various physical quantities and mathematical units, is engaged in their standardization.

    Scientists around the world have worked on the question of what is studying metrology, developed special methods to achieve the highest measurement accuracy.Today, with the help of the already established worldwide values ​​such as mass, ton, area, speed, energy, power and others, it is possible not only for schoolchildren, but also professors to solve physical and mathematical problems. With the help of metrology, constants are established that make it possible to obtain any measurements of objects with their maximum accuracy.

    Metrology also studies monetary units, which is quite important worldwide. It is with the help of this science that we can now easily determine the ratio of the American dollar and the British pound sterling, as well as calculate their value in another currency.

    In order to understand in more detail what metrology is, it is necessary to resort to the consideration of the main metrological sections that reveal its objectives. The sections of metrology consider the methods and methods of measurement, establish requirements for the application of generally accepted physical quantities and units, and develop theories for their use in practice in order to obtain the most accurate measurements.

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