• What is Lego made of?

    Ekaterina Ermolaeva
    Ekaterina Ermolaeva
    October 1, 2014
    What is Lego made of?

    Lego is a well-known designer, consisting of small bricks and other geometric figures, from which you can build a whole game world.

    Many people are interested in the question, what are these figures made of? What material is used?

    What are Lego parts made of?

    All parts of the designer are smelted from plastic, which is based on acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. All components are a quality product and arrive at the Lego plant already in the finished mixed form directly from suppliers.

    However, initially this plastic is either transparent or has a red color. Therefore, in the manufacture of designer parts manufacturers add to it a variety of dyes. This happens already in the molding machine - in each such machine there is a mixture of hot plastic with a certain color dye. As a result, a batch of parts of a certain shape and a certain color leaves each molding machine. In total, the plant has about nine thousand different forms for the manufacture of designer parts.

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