• What is kilometer?

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    What is kilometer?

    The metric coordinate system was introduced in 1790 in many countries (with the exception of the United States and Great Britain) for convenience and ease of calculation. Kilometer is one such unit of measurement.

    Let us consider in more detail what a kilometer is.

    What is kilometer?

    A kilometer (abbreviated km) is a French measure (from the Greek �chilioi� - thousand, meter), a unit of measure of distance, multiple of a meter.

    • 1 km = 1000 m = 0.53996 British miles = 0.9374 versts (468.7 sazh.) = 1094 yards = 3281 feet = 1.057 � 10−13�light years.

    The basis of the calculations is to use the meter, and the kilometer, centimeter and other units of measurement with the same root are its derivatives.

    The starting point of the reference distance is zero kilometer. As a rule, it is the center of the capital or another city. Such a place is indicated by a special sign or monument.

    On maps, plans and globes, the distance is measured in several ways: using a scale, a degree grid, a special compass, an odometer (a special device that measures the length of curved lines), or a wet thread depending on the required accuracy and available knowledge.

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