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    Rainbow gave us seven beautiful flowers. But we can get a lot more colors if we learn to mix colors. How to mix paints to get mysterious, original and memorable colors from ordinary colors? Of course, you need a little wit. But the basic principles we set out in our article today.

    We mix with the mind

    Paints can be mixed not only watercolors, but also any, even paints intended for the repair of houses. Of course, you should find out what color you need and only then start experimenting. Having learned to mix colors, you can make a great design in your home, as only advantageous colors will decorate your home: you can make it lighter or visually increase the area of ​​the rooms. If you find the right color by mixing, then you will not only save your time, which you will spend on searching for the right color, but also money, as unusual colors are more expensive than those produced by the production flow, such as green color. .

    Getting Started

    Before you buy paint, go to the intended store of purchase and ask if it is possible to mix paint in it on a special machine. Only such a device evenly mixes them and clearly measures the number of ingredients in the paint. This way you can accurately make the same color of a larger volume. In this work, it is very important not to mix dry mixes and paints that have a different index and if these components belong to different groups. That is, water-emulsion mix only with water-based paint. Organic paint is mixed only with their own kind. If you break this rule, your paint may curl and become unusable. Although alkyd paints can be mixed with one another completely in any proportions. These very important tips will help you to actually learn how to mix colors.

    The process of getting flowers

    In order for you to turn green, you should add blue to yellow. Only you need to mix it in order not to overdo it. Orange you get if red is mixed with bright yellow. Purple will be obtained by mixing two colors: blue and bright scarlet or red.When you are interested in the color of "coffee with milk", then you should mix the white color with brown. Red, mixing with green, you get brown. White plus brown plus yellow equals beige. How to mix paint to get a delicate orange color? Mixing white, ocher and bright red color, get a nice apricot color. Terracotta will come out if you mix orange and brown. Ocher will be released if you make a mix of yellow and brown colors. Tobacco color is the color of the "friendship" of yellow, green and white colors. Following the link, you will read an interesting article on how to get gray - “How to get gray?”.

    By the same rules, colors are obtained in other types of paints, so if you are an artist, then our article will be very useful for you when you work with your easel. We hope you understand how to mix the colors correctly and soon you will be able to create a magnificent combination of colors in your interior or on your canvas.

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