• What is highlighter?

    Elena Alekseeva
    Elena Alekseeva
    January 28, 2015
    What is highlighter?

    Translated from the English word "highlight" means to highlight and emphasize, it is often used to focus on certain parts of the face and divert attention from others, making them less noticeable. So, answering the question of what a highlighter is, you can give it the following definition: highlighter is a cosmetic whose main purpose is to make the skin glow and fresh. You can also use it to hide wrinkles and emphasize face relief.

    However, an important detail is that the highlighter is far from being a concealer, which means it is not intended to hide existing defects. This should be taken into account for girls with acne and enlarged pores.

    How to use highlighter

    First of all, you need to align the skin tone with the means you are familiar with and then proceed to applying the highlighter.

    • If you want your cheekbones to look more expressive, apply a tool to their highest points.It will also help give the cheekbones a seductive shine;
    • When applying a highlighter to the nose, you can visually correct its shape, while keeping in mind what exactly you want to emphasize and what to hide;
    • If it seems to you that your facial contour leaves much to be desired, try to apply a little on the chin - so you will lengthen the shape of the face.

    As you can see, with the help of makeup, you can easily correct the flaws.

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