• What is gelatin made from?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    July 16, 2012
    What is gelatin made from?

    All children love marmalade, and adults also often refuse it, but few people think about its composition. The basis of most jelly and marmalade is food gelatin, which is produced in large quantities by industry. Answering the question of what gelatin is made of is not so easy, but we will try to do it.

    In most cases, the classical method is used, consisting in the processing of cartilage and animal bones, but sometimes skins are used. In terms of chemistry, the process of denaturation of collagen occurs, which is the basis of protein fibers, which are rich in bone tissue and tendons. The splitting is carried out by alkaline hydrolysis using catalysts.

    The resulting product is tasteless and odorless, which is what is used for the production of various jellies and other confectionery products. Vegetarians are horrified when they find out what food gelatin is made of, but for them there is a special composition that is obtained in another way - from algae. The vegetable substitute is called agar, and the raw material for it grows in the White Sea and in the Pacific Ocean.

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