• What is extrusion?

    Elena Kasyanova
    Elena Kasyanova
    May 21, 2015
    What is extrusion?

    The word extrusion in translation from English means "extrusion, extrusion" and is found in both industry and medicine. There are several definitions of extrusion.

    What is extrusion: definitions

    So, consider:

    1. Extrusion is a method of manufacturing profiled plastic and rubber products of a certain length. The process consists in the continuous extrusion of the softened material through the opening of the desired cross section. It is carried out in an extruder, most often screw (worm). Used for the production of pipes, films, automotive cameras, for the imposition of electrical insulation on wires, etc. There are several types:
      • cold blue extrusion (mechanical change of materials during slow movement taking into account pressure and the formation of the desired product shape);
      • warm (mixing dry ingredients of raw materials and water);
      • hot (the process of changing the quality of the material in the transition of mechanical energy into heat at high speeds and pressure).
    2. Extrusion - in medical terminology is one of the stages in the development of an intervertebral hernia. Such a diagnosis is now quite common. Many people think that it is a hernia. This is not true. Because extrusion is rather the initial formation of a hernia of intervertebral discs. In medicine, extrusion refers to the condition when the fibrous disc ring is broken, and the prolapse of the pulpous nucleus beyond the limits of the vertebra, which irritates the nerve endings, is traced.

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