• What is dangerous during pregnancy?

    During pregnancy, a woman faces many dangers. After all, various diseases and viruses harm not only the mother's body, but also the child. Therefore, every woman should know that it is dangerous during pregnancy. Let's talk about it.

    During pregnancy, even a simple cold can lead to the most tragic consequences. A cold can lead to disruption of fetal development. In addition, the situation is complicated by the fact that it is dangerous to take the majority of medicines during pregnancy.

    Especially dangerous is an infectious common cold, such as rubella. Infection with this disease in early pregnancy can lead to rubella syndrome in a child. As a result, the child has a loss of hearing, vision, heart defects, and mental retardation.

    Colds occur when weakened immunity. Therefore, you should eat vitamins and eat right, especially useful vegetables, fruits and various cereals.

    Than dangerous thrush during pregnancy

    Thrush is observed in 90% of women during pregnancy. Thrush does not lead to serious consequences, but the disease can be transmitted to the child. This makes breastfeeding extremely difficult, as thrush affects the baby’s mouth. Thrush also leads to erosion of the uterus in women, which can provoke internal and external tears during pregnancy.

    Thrush is treated for two weeks with special ointments. For the prevention of this disease is to wear cotton underwear, carefully monitor the hygiene, especially the genitals. And also, include in the diet of cereals and vegetables.

    Edema in pregnancy: the dangerous

    Quite often, expectant mothers have edema during pregnancy. They arise, most often in the area of ​​the feet and ankles. And when pressed, there is a rather noticeable mark.

    The main cause of edema is the growing uterus, which puts pressure on nearby organs, which is why blood circulation is disturbed. Also, the cause of edema can be an excessive amount of fluid in the body and a sedentary lifestyle.

    For the fetus, edema is dangerous because it puts pressure on the vital organs, thereby disrupting the course of normal development.And for the mother, edema can later develop into varicose veins.

    In this situation, the main time to consult a doctor. And for the prevention of edema, you need to revise your diet. It is desirable to eat boiled meat, add vegetables and other plant foods.

    In addition, when edema useful physical activity. Remember that they should not be too tedious, it will adversely affect the development of the fetus.

    What is dangerous pressure during pregnancy

    High and low pressure is extremely dangerous during pregnancy. Most often, it leads to impaired blood circulation between the placenta and the fetus. This is fraught with the fact that the child receives insufficient oxygen and nutrients. Infringement of pressure affects the normal development of the child, and also provokes premature birth.

    A significant and regular increase in pressure can cause detachment of the placenta, sometimes accompanied by heavy bleeding, and as a result, the loss of a child.

    If you have problems with pressure, you definitely need to go to a gynecologist's appointment. Only a doctor can find the necessary treatment and recommend proper nutrition.Watch your diet during pregnancy.

    What is dangerous polyhydramnios during pregnancy

    Polyhydramnios during pregnancy occurs when the amount of amniotic fluid exceeds the norm. This condition often occurs only in the later periods. Polyhydramnios is caused by a variety of reasons - the mother’s or the child’s illness, infection, and the carrying of twins.

    Dangerous during pregnancy is dangerous because the child does not receive the required amount of nutrients and oxygen, which can lead to hypoxia (suffocation) of the fetus.

    If you are experiencing high water, then you need to consult a doctor. Most often, with such a violation of pregnancy will be sent to the hospital.

    What is dangerous tone during pregnancy

    Increased uterine tone occurs due to various reasons. They can be psychological stress, feelings, overwork at work, physical exertion, sex, illness, Rh-conflict, the specificity of the flow of the menstrual cycle, placenta previa and much more. Almost half of future mothers have this violation of the course of pregnancy. Increased tone is manifested by contractions of the uterus, when the child is not yet ready for birth.As a result, the most unpleasant situations can occur - abortion, fetal hypoxia, and placental abruption.

    For prophylaxis, they recommend a decrease in physical activity, rejection of sexual activity and comfortable psychological conditions. In case of sharp spasms, it is advised to take no-shpu or use a candle with papaverine, and in the early stages you can take a douchaston pill, but better call your antenatal clinic and ask what is better. Of course, tell all your feelings to the gynecologist so that he can diagnose any abnormalities in time and provide help.

    What is dangerous early pregnancy

    Pregnancy from 10 to 19 years can be dangerous for both the mother and her baby. The birth of a child as a teenager of 10–14 years often leads to various developmental disorders of the child, such as mental retardation, prematurity, physical weakness, impaired hearing and vision. Pregnancy under the age of 19 years, as a rule, unplanned. In such a situation, young girls often get lost and postpone a visit to the doctor, someone goes for an abortion, which in many cases does not go without complications in the future.

    The only method of prevention of early pregnancy is to abandon sex, as well as all sorts of methods of contraception.

    As you can see, the list of what is dangerous during pregnancy is very wide. Take care of your health, because it depends on the health of your child.

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